Sonogram Question Please Offer Advice

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Jennifer - October 30

My next OBGYN visit will be in 3 weeks and by then, I'll be 17 weeks pregnant. My dr. said that's when I'll be getting my sonogram...isn't this too early for them to tell whether it's a boy or girl? It seems too early to me....someone please offer some advice. I may change my appt. if necessary...anyone??


Jessica - October 30

I just had my ultrasound at 18 weeks and the s_x was clear as day. Hes a boy. It is not to early for you to find out!


jb - October 30

I think they can accurately tell the s_x as early as 16 weeks, so you should be fine. Eat or drink something right before your ultrasound to ensure that the baby is moving around. B/c if he/she is alsleep in a position that they cant see the s_x, or has its legs crossed the whole time you wont be able to find out. Good luck!!


jw - October 30

i agree - they should be able to tell, but then again if you want it to be more "obvious" then maybe you can push your appt. back a week? as for drinking something to make the baby move around, orange juice has ALWAYS done the trick for me!


Christina - October 31

Since I had complications early on in my pregnancy, I had been having ultrasounds every week. They were able to tell me the s_x at 16 weeks (and 17 weeks, and 18 weeks......). Drink some o.j. right before your appt so your little one can move around a lot. You should be able to see. Good Luck!


karine - October 31

Christina....whats o.j??? thanks


Jamie - October 31

o.j. is orange juice.


Jennifer - October 31

Thank you were a blessing to me!


J - October 31

My cousin just had one at 17 weeks and she found out it's a girl. I found out what I was having at 18 weeks. They say they can find the s_x as early as 12 weeks.


christy - October 31

About the oj, I did that this time and my baby wouldn't stay still! She was so busy the technican had a hard time seeing everything. Finally, after an hour the lady said she thought I was having a girl, I sure hope so or this is gonna be one pink little boy!!!


M.A. - October 31

I found out at 17 weeks. They definately saw a s____m! It's a boy!


Jodie - October 31

They dont perform ultrasounds just so you can find out what you are having, they are performed to check if the baby is ok, having an ultrasound at a later date is no guarantee that you will find out the s_x


D - October 31

Do what your doctor tells you to do, but I have always heard you have to be 19 to 20 weeks to get an accurate idea of what the s_x is.


val - November 1

You can tell pretty accurately what the s_x is by 16 weeks.


Can - November 1

I remember one web site I visited that gave a week by week play of pregnancy. That web site showed that the s_x of the baby can be determined at 17 weeks.



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