Sore During Sex

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Gemma - February 18

Hi all I'm almost 19 weeks pregnant and I've found than when I have s_x now, I get sore very easily. I'm not sure whether this has anything to do with the fact that I'm pregnant but it's made me not want s_x as much, which is a shame! Anyone else found this?


Cleo - February 18

Had the same problem with my first pregnancy. It is more than likely to do with your position. Have you tried to change your position. If you havent try positions which take the weight off your body.


Hola Gemma - February 18

Same here hunny. When I first got pregnant I was sore too. I usually like it kinda ruff at the end but had to ease up thanks to the dsconfort :o( I was also getting dry down there more. I am now 25 weeks and wanting it more than ever, no prob with dryness or soreness anymore unless he goes really deep then I get a little uncomfy. If that gets to be a prob then we will get a little kinky and try going thru the back door. Which I thought I would hate but he is so good it, it drives me wild. Good luck hunny. I think it will get better for ya.


Btw Gemma - February 18

Like Cleo said try different positions. That will definitely help out. I tend to lay on my side and let him spoon me. Of course he loves for me to get on top but as heavy as I feel right now that may be a mistake.


wiskey - February 21

i have that same problem. i'm going on 20weeks and it fells great to have s_x now but so soon as we are done it hurts so bad that i cant move my doctor said that was normal for the first 6 months then the pain should go away he also said to do it once every 3 days as easy as possible but you shouldnt worry about it unless you start to bleed


Gemma - February 21

Thanks ladies Think I will have to experiment more with some different positions! We use plenty of lubricant as I'm always so dry. I'm not going to worry about though as like you say, hopefully it will get better and as long as I don't start bleeding I won't be concerned. Good luck with all your pregnancies. I'm getting quite scared about labour already! But I can't wait to see a gorgeous baby at the end of it all!



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