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GodHelpMe - May 31

hey everyone im sorry being annoying... i was jsut worried...and it was not a joke. someone just told me that weirder things have happed, by girls getting pregnet. and i wanted to know for sure. well thanx for awnsering questions, and kinda making fun of me. lol thank you and God bless


CyndiG - May 31

Godhelpme, incase you haven't noticed, there are some people here who are not so nice. I agree, that you don't have to start a new thread to ask a question. Just continue with the one you've started. I also agree that you should talk to your mom or another adult you trust. You don't have to disclose everything, but you should ask some serious questions and educate yourself. Chances are you are not pregnant. It would definately be divine intervention if you got pregnant in a hottub with your clothes on. If you are really late, go take a test, when (and I say when because it will be) it comes back negative, talk to your mom, tell her you are late, and go to a dr. Something could be wrong. And it also could be that you are stressing yourself making you late. Good luck. Stop making new threads. Ask all the questions you like, that's what this forum is for. Ignore all the "not so nice" people. And don't be having s_x with your boyfriend or anyone else. Save yourself for the man you marry. S_x is out of this world when you are committed to the other person and love them with all your heart. That's the way God designed it. But it's cheap and "just s_x" when you do it just for the heck of it. Keep yourself pure. Good luck.


GodHelpMe - June 1

thank you so much, that means a lot.. but the whole dr. thing i dont im gonna do that cause yea, my parents wouldnt be so stoked whne she finds out im touching my boyfriend in places he shouldnt be touched. and yes i know im not going to have s_x. i want him and i both to give our husbands/wifes everything and be able to tell them that we saved ourselves, but right now im kinda stressed about it. but am i stressing about nothing?


soimpatient - June 1

Yes you are stressing about nothing.


CyndiG - June 1

I agree with soimpatient, Yes, you are stressing about nothing! You're not pregnant. But, go get a test. They're around $10 at Walmart. You can even find them at the Dollar Tree for $1! Go, take one, stop stressing. It's not a big deal.



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