Sorry But Isn T It Soooo Cute To Buy Baby Clothes

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exited!!!! - March 8

I am only 3 mths pregnant but I can't help thinking how cute and exiting it is to buy baby clothes!!! especially for a baby that you don't know, but you already love. I mean its soo cute looking at the little clothes, little shoes,little everything!!! Ok maybe i got carried away..but does anyone feels this way?


Jenn - March 8

I am restricted from buying baby stuff. My husband thinks I have bought too many little outfits and blakets and booties and rattles and bibs and ........more. At least until after the baby shower, then I can buy what we "need". put it mildly, yes, i feel the same. I love buying baby stuff!!!!


tara - March 8

I love checking everything out, but havn't bought anything yet mostly because we don't know if it's a boy or girl...but i agree! Everyhting is so tiny and so CUTE!


E - March 8

I totally agree. Sometimes I pull my clothes out and "play" with them. I match stuff up and pretend like I need to figure out what he is going to wear. Dork alert! I started buying right away, on the clearance racks. I found out I was pregnant in July, and due in April. Everything for the winter/spring season was on clearance so I got some fabulous deals. I recommend picking stuff up early for the savings. Baby Gap had $25 items for less than $8.


Donna - March 8

im having alittle girl (or so the nurses say) lol and ive gone mad on little dresses and frilly things and pink blankets and socks and everything else and the past few weeks 6 people have come uptoo me and said they think im having a boy... can you imagine how much money i would of wasted if they're right LOL...but at the end of it all what a nice little suprise and shock that will be..becuase i havnt even got a boy name in mind lol


Donna - March 8

Hi again..i was meaning to ask but i got carried away in my post lol what date are you due E?


E - March 8

Hi Donna, I am due April 6th. When are you due? I hope you have a girl after all the $ you have spent, lol!! Save the reciepts...


P - March 8

I'm out of control!! I'm gonna need a twelve step program before long. I don't know what the s_x of the baby is yet so that has slowed me down slightly but come this Friday all bets are off!! On one hand I kinda hope it's a girl but I just know I'll be broke for the rest of my life. The girlie stuff is sooo cute!! A little boy will definitely be cheaper... Well that's my theory anyway... I'm so dead.


Donna - March 9

Hi E, im due April 22nd, and i was stupid to get rid of the reciepts!!! even if i did save them all i wouldnt know which goes to what lol nevermind, hopefully the nurses was right :)


Billie - March 9

I have bought sooooo many clothes for my son and he's not even due until June. But I'm not the only one, the other day my husband and I were in the mall and he picked out three outfits for the baby. He also has 4 pairs of shoes too. We also bought diapers and bottles and other hygiene stuff. I started buying things when I was about 3 months give or take a week or so. But as soon as we found out that it was a boy... it was on!!!!!



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