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amandababy - January 28

Does anyone here speak Spanish and would you be able to translate a letter for me? My fiance wrote a letter to a female in Spanish and when I asked him about it he said it was nothing but wouldn't tell me what it said or who she was. Normally this wouldn't concern me but he's been leaving a lot lately, staying out late, and 'working later'. If this is something to know, I would like to know!


Angelaw. - January 28

If you go to google and type in Spanish tranlator, there are a coulple of sites that will let you type in an entire text and it will translate it. The one that I have used to go from Eng to Span. to write a poem for a dear friend is www.freetranslation.com. Hope it all turns out okay.


amandababy - January 28

I tried that but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me, I don't understand what it's saying. I thought maybe a Spanish speaker could translate it better for me...


Annie20 - January 29

Amanda, I teach Spanish, although I am not a native speaker. If you would like me to have a go at it, you can e-mail it to be at [email protected] before January 31st....


Annie20 - January 29

Hey amanda, I just sent the translation. What I wanted to say to you is that men sometimes get freaked when there is a baby in the picture or commitment looming ahead. I still think you have time to get him to communicate with you and be honest. What I translated still seems to be pretty innocent. When you talk to him, try not to accuse him too much so that he gets angry. What you need is to TALK it out. I wish you the best of luck and keep us updated on how things progress. Remember, you are in control.


amandababy - January 30

First I asked him who she was and he acted stupid. Then he said I don't know anyone with that name. Then I told him I found the letter and he said it was old and that he had just brought it in from the shed. So I asked him why and he told me to shut up and don't worry about it. So now I'm thinking if it was old why is he being such a jerk about it and why he wouldn't just tell me if it was an ex or something. I looked through his phone book and her number is in there. He keeps a newer list of numbers in his wallet so last night after he went to sleep I looked at the list and her number is the first one listed. He also has 2 pictures of 2 different girls in there where pics of me and my sis were that 'he lost'. Any ideas on what to do next? I haven't even told him I know what the letter says yet. I think I'll get a more accurate time of when he wrote it if he doesn't think I know what it says.


Annie20 - January 30

First of all, I want to congratulate you on how "cool" you are bineg about all of this. That is truly the best way you can be right now since you have your baby too think of us. So many of us would be shouting and going over the edge. As someone who read the letter, I have to say that it could be much worse. I do think that you have a right to know. Maybe you could express yourself in a letter to him. Just say that you do not want to feel like you can't communicate openly. That whatever feelings he is going through right now, he needs to not forgot that there are two parts to you he needs to be concerned about (you and the baby) and that communication is key. I think the reason men aren't open and honest is because they think we will go crazy psycho on them. As long as we act composed (which you are doing a great job of by the way) they are more apt to talk and get things off their chest. You are right that it could be an old letter, but old or new, he still needs to come clean about it. I think, however you handle it, you will handle it well. But really, you are awesome for handling it with such composure - esp. with the hormones we pregnant women have. I must say, I don't know you but I really respect you already!


CDN Baby - January 30

I do. Cut and paste it here and I'll reply with a translation.


marisa - January 30

I know spanish very well if you need help let me know.........


SherryV - January 31

go to freetranslations.com and type in your Spanish version and ask it to convert it to English. It's a free service.



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