Spit On My Child

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My friend is nuts too - November 21

I once had a huge fight with my boyfriend and when he called me a horrible unmentionable name I spit. I know it was wrong. This was a long time ago. Recently a friend who I told the story to who is mad at me now for no good reason said When I have my baby baptised I can baptise it myself by just spitting on it because I'm a pro at it. I don't think I'll ever be able to speak to her again. Who says that to attack an unborn child?


Oh my - November 21

Woman can be so rude to each other. Just let the comment go, turn the other cheek. Not that you have to be friends with her anymore, just realize that sometimes we say and do stuff we don't mean to. Even those of us that are not pregnant go through hormonal changes. Are you sure though, that this "friend" of yours isn't somehow involved with your boyfriend? I don't mean to sound paranoid, it just seems odd that all of the sudden she is mad at you, and brings up something you did to him, like it was an insult towards her. Maybe if there isn't something going on, she wants there to be? I'm sorry, I don't want to put more negative thoughts in your head, it just struck me as odd, and I have been there done that.


friend is nuts - November 21

No, no, she doesn't even really know my boyfriend. This spitting was a long time ago. We've joked about this spitting thing for a long time since it's something I used to always do when I was younger the minute ANY guy got verbally abusive and I mean very verbally abusive, like words that ryme with more for instance. So then she'd have to be mad about a few guys.


??? - November 21

Your friend sounds like an idiot. I don't get why you're so mad. What she said means nothing to me. What does it mean to you?


To ??? - November 21

She meant that since I've spit on guys in the past, then I might as well spit on my baby too. And she used the baptizing as a means to do that. Just to be mean.


I'd Leave - November 21

Why would you spit on someone who gets verbally abusive towards you? Why not just leave them, or beat their a__s?


??? - November 21

She's an idiot. Don't worry about her being in your life.


To I'd leave. - November 21

I don't know. I was dumb. I agree. I thought it was safer to spit than to try to fight a man physically. Who knows why we do the stupid things we do in fights? The point is that has nothing to do with her thinking she can use something against an innocent fetus and talk about spitting on one, no????


Lacy - November 21

Hi "My friend..." I just wanted to put my two cents in too. Nothing offensive intended to "Oh my," but I doubt that your friend is involved with your man just because of the comment she made. It kinda sounds to me that she is a malicious joker! My cousin and good friend was maid of honor at my wedding just last month when I was 3 months pregnant. We wanted a picture with a toast, but I didnt want to drink, so my hubby ordered me some non alcoholic champagne. Well, she knew it was, because she's only 20 and had to drink it also, being underage. Well, anyway, as we were gathered around the cake, and all the guests were watching our first wedding toast, she shouts "Oh my gosh, look what she's doing to the baby!" I was pretty mad, but even her mom told me that she thought she was just trying to be hurtful because she was jealous about me having a great husband, and all the attention I was getting. I would just try and shrug her off with that att_tude because it sounds like she may be jealous of you!


friend is nuts to Lacy - November 21

I think she is jealous. Nobody wants to be with her and all she does is sleep around trying to get someone to take her seriously. It's sad.


what - November 21

are you serious how is this a discussion at all who cares if you spit on your boyfriends. big whop!!


Lacy - November 21

Well, thats probably the root of it then. She's fighting with her own insecurities, just like my cousin. She's overweight and her boyfriend had just broken up with her before my wedding because of it. I love her, and try not to let her comments hurt me, because I know she's having problems too. And to "what" the post isnt about her spitting on boyfriends, its about her friend making rude comments. Maybe you should re-read.


friend is nuts to what - November 21

It's not about my boyfriends. It's about her comment: (If you can spit in the past at a boyfriend), "why don't you spit on your baby when you're ready to baptize it since you're good at doing that"? That's what it's about. Who says that? She meant it in a mean way because she was mad and not about something serious. You just don't attack someone's unborn child with ANY words. That's awful. That's all I'm saying.


friend is nuts to Lacy - November 21

Lacy, it's just like you say. But what I don't understand is that I've always been happy for her whenever she had happiness and she's had a lot more than me. Being jealous is such a sorry excuse to lose your manners, don't you think?


Lacy - November 21

Yep, I agree with you, even her being insecure is no reason to disregard her manners. The fact that you've always been happy for her, is probably because you ARE a secure person, and have acceptance for yourself. Yet another reason for her to be jealous, because people can tell when you are comfortable in your own skin. Until she's happy with herself, she will have a hard time being happy for you! I know it kinda sucks, but you are not to blame. Just try to be patient, and kill with kindness. I guess that's what I would try. Just know that you are a stronger person.


HH - November 21

It was an attack on YOU. I think that is a wild leap-what Oh My said. Just let your friend go if you are so angry.


sandy - November 22

i think its all nonsense-let by gones be by gones,move on and get over it.but if she ever says that sort of thing again knock the c___p out of her.



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