Sring And Needle Test For Twins

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Kneufeld - March 3

I currently have a daughter and am pregnant again....I have done the needle and string test and it goes from girl to boy then girl to boy and does this over and over and over....then I tried with my wedding ring and the same my question is.....Does this mean that I could be expecting twins or is it picking up that I already have a girl and am going to have a boy....I know for others it is just one or the other...... really curious for answers Kandi


sososleepy - March 3

The best test for twins is an ultrasound that shows them. Higher than normal hCG in a blood test can also indicate that twins are a possibility. The string might be fun, but I most certainly would not consider it reliable...


Cevvin - March 3

thats like saying a woman that has a lot of heartburn during pregnancy will have a baby full of hair. My mom chewed tums like candy when pregnant with me and i didn't have hair until i was2.


preggoplease - March 3

Ok so it seems to me, kneufeld correct me if I'm wrong, that she is just doing a little wives tale for fun. I don't think she was actually planning on using this technique to actually determine whether she is having twins or not. Kneufeld- I'm not sure how the rules go for twins but I'm sure someone on here will know...have fun and good luck!!! =]


krissypoo - March 3

my husband and i tried the string and needle test for fun before the 20 week u/s (the first u/s we had). it was doing the same thing, going in circles then back and forth and then would switch again. thinking it wasn't working we switched and put his wedding band on a string. same thing. back and forth then circles and so on. a few days later at our u/s the tech said "oh look at you, you've got two." we were shocked. we have one of each, a boy and a girl. due in may. just funny how the needle and ring on the string was saying it was a girl and a boy. pretty stranger and cool...


krissypoo - March 3

strange, not stranger.


Kneufeld - March 4

thank you and yes I am totally doing this for fun!!!!!!! I am not some idiot who will totally rely on the string preggoplease said I am doing this for fun ONLY!!!!!! So again thank you preggoplease and krissypoo!!!!!



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