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tiffani~70 days to go!! - August 23

To all my friends: In light of recent events, I thought it would be a great idea to form our own group on Yahoo (got the idea from another thread). This would be a group where we could chat to our hearts content, about whatever we want, with the main focus being conception, pregnancy, and parenting support. I will do everything in my power to keep the immature individuals out. This would be by invite only (the only way to be sure we don't let in the whack-o's), but keep in mind that I have a pretty good idea of who the decent, and not so decent posters are. If you're interested, please respond. Also, I need suggestions for a group name. :o)


Lissi - August 23

Sounds good! If I'm invited that is? :) I'll have a think about the name. It's dinner time in England and I'm starving! Later!


tiffani~70 days to go!! - August 23

You are absolutely invited, Lissi. Go enjoy dinner and check back tomorrow for more info. :o)


Tammy - August 23

tiffani- We have a group of 6 moms-to-be that are all due in October. We have been chatting together on MSN since May and have formed some really good friendships. We have traded cell numbers etc. It's a great support system and our ages range from 19 through 45.


tiffani~70 days to go!! - August 23

That sounds like a great group Tammy! That's what i'm hoping for, to take all the kind hearted people from here and form a supportive network of friends that can communicate about the 8th wonder of the world ~ children!


Potty mouth - August 23

I want to join. I changed my name since I been told I have a a potty mouth. Can I join Tiff?...Its keekee


tiffani~70 days to go!! - August 23

Lol, Potty Mouth! Of course! Now start thinking of a group name, but refrain from using your usual profanity. ;o)


kEEKEE - August 23

I will be good. I hardly ever use profanity in my life. Really hubby would be shocked...Sure let me know when the group start. I will just cuss out the stalkers here.....heeheee


JLorenzo - August 23

How about, "1 million pregnant chicks and 2 dudes" for the t_tle?


tiffani~70 days to go!! - August 23

You got it KEEKEE! Josh, Now, I know you we're kidding, but I actually really like that name, it's funny! Only problem is I want a name that won't exclude anyone. (those ttc, and those who are done with the baby making) So, give the name some more thought, and have your people call my people. :o)


tiffani - August 23

were, not we're!


KH - August 23

JLorenzo, I actually laughed out loud at that one. That is PERFECT!!! You're too much!


JLorenzo - August 23

Tiffani are you sure? KH liked it? I was actually serious (the one time I have been). How about, "Pregnant chicks and the people who love them?" Or, "Tiffani's trimester block party?"


Frank - August 23

I would love to join b/c we are going to ttc soon, but, I better stay out. Great idea though:)


JLorenzo - August 23

What in the hell does "ttc" stand for?


tiffani~70 days to go!! - August 23

Josh, We may just have to go with that t_tle. Like I said, I REALLY do like it, I just didn't want to offend those who were having difficulties ttc that wanted to join the group.. Know what I mean? In all seriousness, if you guys think it's a safe name, let's give it a go. I've already registered a group, I just haven't named it yet. The name is funny and lighthearted, perfect! Any one else have an opinion on the name?


tiffani~70 days to go!! - August 23

Josh~Trying To Conceive. "Frank", Why do you feel you need to be excluded?



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