Starting Clomid Any Suggestions

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ColleenD - May 27

I am starting today. Cd-3. Trying for over 2 years. 35 years old. I am so tired of feeling like I might be preg & finding out I'm not. Any one have suggestions or similar situation?


Ashleyg - May 28

my hubby and i tried for about a year...i am 24 he is 23...i went on 50mg of clomid, cd 5-9, and i got pregnant on my first round! i am now almost 22 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy! i did think the side effects (hot flashes, mood swings) sucked though! i hope you have great luck...i think it is a miracle drug!


ColleenD - May 28

Thank you so much for the + info. How exciting for you. Congratulations!!! I hope I am as lucky!!


Trish# - May 30

Good luck on the Clomid, Colleen. I used it unsuccessfully for 6 rounds. I had to move on to injections but those did the trick first time. I don't say this to discourage you because clomid seems to work for most people! Just want you to know that it may not and if that's your case, there are other options out there as well. I took clomid CD2-6. I had a hard time with hot flashes and night sweats. Other than that I did okay on it. It's a pretty strong drug. Infertility is such a cruel thing. I can def. relate to your frustrations!! Best of luck.


ColleenD - May 30

Thanks for your help Trish. What kind of injections did you do? Are you preg now? Congrats!!! I just have a feeling I will be frustrated again. I am used to the BFN, I almost can't imagine getting anything else. I worry it may be my DH who has the problem and he would never get any tests or a__sisstance. It would hurt his manhood. He would flip if he knew I was getting help, because he wants to do thing naturally. I'm getting too old for the natural way. He is a big kid and thinks we have plenty of time. I will take my last dose of clomid tomorrow. The only thing I have noticed is bloating. I take it CD 3-7. It is so cruel and unfair, but it sounds like you have beat it. Thanks and good luck.


soimpatient - May 30

Hi ColleenD. I will be starting Clomid next cycle...hopefully any day now...actually my doc prescribed provera to get my cycle started but I want to wait a few days extra just to make sure I'm not already preggos. Anyway, I'm very excited to start clomid and get the ball rolling. My doc made my DH go in for a sperm a___lysis before he would prescribe clomid. Thankfully, his guys are swimmers! Did your doc tell you that multiples could be a side effect from clomid? I guess you'll have some explaining to do to your DH if that happens! hehe!


ColleenD - May 30

I love your screen name! I saw you posting on another thread and thought, "Why didn't I think of that:)" Is this your first round of clomid? I have triplets and twins already in my family. Ugg! I wish my DH was more willing to be tested. He doesn't like going to the Dr. for anything:( I hope everything goes great with you clomid!! Baby Dust******


Trish# - May 31

Colleen: I used FSH injections...the drug name was Follistim. Yes, I'm pg now and enter the third trimester this weekend. Who prescribed your clomid? Most doctors think that both people should be tested first (like soimpatient) before prescribing clomid, as it is hard on the body and could be a waste of time. I'd encourage your DH to get tested, since you've been TTC for 2+ years. He is probably just terrified that it IS him. I think all men have that underlying fear. My DH went to the RE kicking and screaming but was so proud w/ his results in the end, and relieved to narrow down our problems. I have always had irregular problems and annovulation so our treatment route was pretty clear-cut. I have a friend who spent 1.5 years doing clomid and getting dye tests and laproscopies, only to find out her husband has a problem w/ his sperm and they require IVF. She is not upset with him but ill over all the time (not to mention money) they wasted. Anyway, that's my advice to you. FYI, chance of twins on clomid is 5-8%, chance of triplets less than 3%. With injections it's a different story: 20% chance of twins! I was given a low dose to try to minimize those odds. I ended up conceiving twins, actually, but one vanished early on and now we have a healthy baby girl due in 12 weeks. Good luck with your treatment!! I highly suggest seeing an expert if you aren't already. They know so much more than OBs and you get SUCH good monitoring...



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