Starting Pregnancy Overweight

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Krissiem23 - June 28

I am 5 weeks, and my dh and I are so excited. For some freak reason, Last november I started gaining a ton of weight. Between then and like feburary I went from 130 to 160. They determined that it wasn't my eating habits or exercising habit. I got a kidney infection in November, and thats when the weight gain started. I gain 13 pounds in 9 days! I didn't eat for 5 days (due to the infection) and still gained weight! They said it was water weight, but it never came off. Now I am pregnant at 5'3 and 160 pounds. I'm not obese, but worried about my size. What do you guys think?


kelley32 - June 28

Hi ... I'm 5'3 and started this pregnancy at 146 lbs, I've always been a healthy eater, lots of fruits and veggies, and rarely any sweets. I think that some people are just made that way and that if you are eating properly and healthily, then I wouldn't worry ... just enjoy!!! ;-)


frankschick2001 - June 28

I think it is OK. Although it is common to lose weight during the first trimester, so maybe you'll actually drop some pounds before you start to gain pregnancy weight. If you have concerns abuot weight ask your doctor to give you a diet that is healthy for pregnant women and maybe an excercise regimen for expecting moms? It is perfectly reasonable to still excercise during pregnancy to control the weight gain. And you should still try to eat healthy.


jal239 - June 28

Krissiem23: I am worried too. i am not pregnant yet, but I am 5'7" and weigh 215. I have tried to lose weight, but can't seem to keep it off. I know I shoudl ose weight before I get pregnant. I am really trying, but I really want to get pregnant. If it happens great, but I understand your concern about weight and pregnancy. Congrats!!!!


CaliTrish - June 28

I'm 5'3" also and started out at 165 lbs. Definitely don't diet but start eating healthier. I'm 25 weeks and haven't gained any weight. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes at 11 weeks. Doc doesn't think it was the extra weight but hereditary - both my grandmothers had Type 2 diabetes, so I was likely on my way there as well. I had poor eating habits - 2 large meals a day, eating out all the time. Anyway, they put me on a no sugar/low carb diet with snacks/meals every 2-3 hours. Overall, I'm eating more, but my body has more time to digest everything. Since I'm never hungry, I haven't had any cravings. I walk after lunch & dinner and take over-the-counter prenatal vitamins. I actually feel better now than I did before I was pregnant. So, don't worry about the weight, just eat healthy, exercise, & enjoy your pregnancy. Congratulations!


Krissiem23 - June 29

I just don't want to be 200 pounds after I have the baby!


lynnstress - June 29

I weighed more than you when I got pregnant. I bought a pregnancy workout DVD and did it 3 times a week. I gained 41 lbs. in 41 weeks of pregnancy. I b___stfed my baby, so ALL the preg weight was gone by 5 weeks postpartum. Everyone says walking is the best form of exercise, and it's very good for pregnancy. As long as you know that this is not, not, not the time to diet, you'll be fine.


carol23 - July 1

I agree with the whole not dieting thing, but you need to start eating healthy . I was WAY overweight when I started this pregnancy, and now i've gained about 25 pounds ( I'm 31 weeks). And 25 pounds is A LOT of an overweight person to gain. I carry my weight well though. I'm also 5'3 BTW. People say they can't even tell I'm pregnant unless they look at my belly.



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