Starting To Show

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Grumpy Bear - April 7

Im 17 weeks and 1 day and i havn't started to look a bit pregnant or fat! im getting really bummed! when do everyone start showing?


nhb - April 7

for my first, I didn't show AT ALL unless I was laying down until almost 20 weeks. If this is your first, that's normal, but watch out--once you start, it'll keep coming out quick, and then you'll wish for the prepregnancy belly back, I can almost guarantee!!


Lou - April 7

It depends on your body wow this it the first I’ve heard someone really to get that belly, enjoy the time you still have to be cute and then once you know that little belly will start coming through and you will love it.I didnt start to show till i was 6months


Leahp - April 7

Hey grumpy bear! I'm in the same shoes as you!!! I'll be 17 weeks next tues. and I get hell from the girls at work because I still look skinny minny and I hardly have a belly!! People that knew I had a very flat stomach before hand can notice but everyone else is like, "oh, give me a break, there's no belly" All I can say is look, yes there is!! I do want a belly as well, I have sooo many cute tops for this summer and what better time to be pregnant to show it off!! Although I will miss my beers with the frequent b-b-qs!!!!


Grumpy Bear - April 7

I have a ton of new clothes but i swim in them! Leahp have you felt the baby move yet??


cll - April 7

I didn't show with my first til i was 5 mos. and even then, i was still in most of my regular clothes. i wanted to have a belly so bad, but it pops out quickly and suddenly and then doesn't stop growing! it's comin', hang in there!


Pretybetty - August 31

I am also with you, Bear, I am 14 weeks and I want a belly too, I have just been worried maybe baby isn't growing the way he/she should. It is nice to know other people are with me. Keep hangin in, I heard from a few folks that they did not show until about 5 months.


Taz - August 31

I'm 5'8", normal weight 135. First pregnancy didn't show until well into 6th month, really worried me, then overnight i turned into a Buluga whale. I am now 18 weeks w/ second, look like i'm 6 months already....kindof wish it was the other way around again....I hate maternity cloths so i've been buying Xlarge firstborn weight almost 9 lbs, this one looks like it going to same way....gained 65 pounds first time....HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!


J - August 31

I am 26 weeks pregnant and I didn't start to REALLY show until about two weeks ago. Before that I had a little belly but now it's really noticeable. It just popped out over night. People who haven't seen me in a couple weeks can't believe how big I am. It just depends


k - August 31

yall are so lucky! This is my first, and I am 23 weeks and look huge! yall really are lucky!



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