Stay At Home Jobs

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Curious - April 26

I know this question has surfaced before but I was just curious....has anyone here had any succesfull, legite work at home jobs???


Me too! - April 26

I really want to be a stay at home Mom. Has anyone tried those mail from home jobs?


Fabienne - April 26

I haven't tried that but I have tried responding to surveys: that's a scam. I also would like to work from home to bring in some extra money and so I'm also looking for something serious.


NickieDo - April 26

Same here! Let me know of something that works!


toes - April 26

Heavenly, sounds like an interesting business option. so, when you run into other moms and they ask what yer baby's leather jacket and new stroller cost, you just tell them "um, 2 jackrabbits and 3 frenchticklers"? lol


Maddie - April 26

Has anyone tried I think that's a great website, if you can't find a "work at home" job, you might be able to find some jobs that offer really flexible part-time hours?


Jbear - April 27

My aunt has a website where she sells s_x toys to gay men. She's made a lot of money from it. I can't really ask her for details, the subject is taboo in my family.


Heavenly - April 27

Toes-lmao! Yes I have to admit it would be interesting....maybe I would get a killer discount on some stuff for myself.


toes - April 27

Heavenly, you'd get a pretty decent discount--I had a friend who hosted those adult toys parties, and she got everything at half what folks normally paid. I was hoping to get a love swing from her, but I lost track of her number. :((


Jenb - April 27

I looked up some stuff on the Better Business Bureau website after responding to a few work at home ads. They basically say that anything that requires a fee from you is a scam. I found that they were either telemarketing jobs or they wanted money for supplies that you needed to start. Overall, if it sounds too good to be true it is.


Heidi - April 27

At home medical transcription is legit and so is at home medical billing. The medical billing is a short course and a lot of hospitals let you do this from your home. I do extra work at home for another police dept doing transcription for them. Call your local PD and ask if they hire at home transcriptionists. Otherwise check with your local clinics and hospitals if you have any experience in this field.


Sam - April 27

Why not explore your hidden artistic side? Little crafty things are great to sell to small, mom-n-pop stores. I have a friend who can crochet like the wind! She crochets these little pouches (she calls them charm bags) and sells them to the local rock shop. She can make one of these pouches in less that 5 min so she can churn them out pretty quickly. She makes a killing off of them. Now, she's been getting requests from people who go to this rock shop for bigger pouches, purses, blankets, clothing, etc. she could have a legitamate business happening. You never know what little talent you have could make you rich. Explore!


Mary - April 27

Mu hubby works from home - he is a java programmer with all the perks of a in-office job less the co-workers and aboss breathing in his neck. He drives me bananas being home all day.



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