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Rachel - February 11

I desperately want to be a stay at home mom. We can barely afford to support ourselves, much less a baby. If we cut back to one job, we will barely be sc__ping by. Any advice?


J - February 11

My husband and I were in the same boat we needed 2 incomes and were barely getting by. I cut coupons, we refinanced our house for a lower rate and payment and cut out a lot of extras. That was 2 1/2 years ago and since then my husband landed a much higher paying job and we are financially secure! Just hang in there and things will get better! Do what you can do to stay home it is so worth it!


!!! - February 11

if you havent used your tax money yet i would suggest paying off bills and maybe getting a part time and my husbank are in the same boat as you are and were living paycheck to paycheck ...luckily my daughter is 3 now.....and we are out of that diaper stage....that get pretty expensive. also do you have any family that can watch the baby for you while you work parttime.? and you should apply for wic and foodstamps if you havent yet....hope this helps u..


~m~ - February 11

Seems like there are always advertis____nts for "work from home". But I'm not sure if those things are legit. You might check that out. I think it would be great to be a stay at home mom. But I'm a teacher, so at least I'm home fairly early, and I get Christmas break, Spring break, and Summer break. So that makes it easier. You might try a job in the school system. Teacher's aide or something. That way, you've got income, and when the kids get in school, you'll have the same hours as they do. That is, if you can't afford to stay home. If you can, then go for it! Good luck!


!! - February 11

u should check this out...i checked to see if there with the BBB and they are.....


Maleficent - February 12

my husband is in the military and we live on an extreamly tight budget. when we crunched the numbers we found that the only way we could afford to have a baby was if i stayed home. you have to think about what it costs you to work: gas to get there and back, work clothes, lunch, etc. then weigh it against what it costs for day care. see what brings you out on top.


tiffani - February 12

What about being a stay at home mom AND a child care provider for other children? I know where we live, it costs between $100.00- $175.00 a week for full time childcare, depending on the age of the child. If you were able to watch a few kids at a time this might be a solutiion.


tiffani - February 12

If you're not already pregnant, have you considered waiting a little while until your situation becomes more stable?


Leahp - February 14

Could some of the previous moms give me an idea of what it costs a month for a baby. I would love to be a stay at home mom but am confused on what to consider it would cost for daycare and everything else opposed to staying at home. Thanks


J - February 14

I know where I live the cost of childcare for a new born is anywhere from 600 to 800 per month. Formula/Diapers can run you close to 200 a month plus clothing, and other baby essentials.


tiffani - February 14

Leahp~ You know, it's not really that expensive if you consider what you'd have to pay to put the baby in childcare. a__suming you have all the "big ticket" items (car seat, crib, stroller, etc... ) your biggest expense will be diapers and formula (if you don't b___stfeed). I buy my diapers by the case at Sams Club or Costco and it costs about $30.00. The case usually lasts a month. If you can b___stfeed, this is where you'll save $$$. Formula is expensive. A $12.00 can lasts less than a week, usually about 5 days. Of course this all depends on your babies appet_te. You'll have to buy clothes for the baby, and keep in mind they grow soooo fast. If you want to cut corners where clothing is concerned, you can get some great deals at consignment shops. I think what you also need to look at when deciding on whether or not to stay home is what it costs to provide for the baby vs. cost of childcare (around $150.00-200.00 a week for a newborn) and the income you'd be losing if you stop working. If you and your hubby can manage without your income, then I thinkyou should give it a try. There are so many ways to cut corners that you may not have even thought about. If staying at home is even remotely possible, see what sacrfices you can make to make it happen. The first year of life is so amazing.


Leahp - February 14

wow! thanks for the advice! I think we could pull it, my only concern is that I have a car payment and my husband has a car payment, we have rent and bills which we split and he has student loans, I almost would feel absolutely guilty putting that kind of pressure on him, plus my present job is excellent, I manage a fitness center for Chrylser employees and when I do return to work I have an eight hour shift to get my a__s back into shape!! Plus it's from 5am-1pm so then I would have the rest of the afternoon with the baby. What do you think, or what would you do? I'm so confused! It's just been a given that I go back to work because my husband is just a poor social worker! But now I am thinking about when the baby is here and how I want to watch all the little things they do!



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