Staying Fit With Your First Pregnancy

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Ceno - March 31

What is recommended to stay in top notch shape during pregnancy, to help with labor, and to get back to pre-pregnancy weight? Basically, were there any women who were pregnant with their first child in the summer and yet still looked hot as though they WEREN'T pregnant!?


Kim L - March 31

WALKING! I keep hearing that everywhere I go. Walking is great exercise for labor, and also any kind of gentle exercises you can do to strengthen the pelvic floor (many prenatal Pilates tapes have some good recommendations and most pregnant books have a section on fitness that details some exercises that you can do). I think as long as you are toned and tan in the summer, you will look H-O-T!!!! ;-)


HannahBaby - April 1

im going to be fat and bloated in the summer....haha


livdea - April 1

I try to stay as active as I can be. I recently went back home to Hawaii and wore my bikini proudly...though I'm only 26 weeks pregnant. Swimming is really good, Walking like Kim said, I also do light weight lifting. I'm by no means in great shape but I've been doing okay, with the "chub" part of my pregnancy. I have my piczo site too and YES a tan helps!! good luck girly!


fltjt705 - April 4

exercise is good, I was told as long as you dont let your heartrate get more than 140 bpm and dont lift more than 25 lbs you should be good, plus that is also if you were and exerciser before you got pg. Eat no more than 175 grams per day of carbs and make your calories count. instead of getting calories from soda eat something like fruit that the calories aren't empty and are good for your baby.


Karen_Fletcher - April 5

I walk, bike and my physiotherapist recommened this dvd pilates in pregnancy with Lindsey Johnson, it has workouts for early and late pregnancy, which is fantastic..... it also has advice for after the baby is born!!!! :o)


foxhoundsrgr8 - April 8

I'm still doing cardio for 1.5 hrs 6 times a week (elliptical and spinning bike), but then again, I used to be extremely fit before getting pregnant...I also do weights 3 times a week, so I've managed to keep a really toned body overall at 32 wks pregnant, it just looks like I got this belly on it...Even my abs are still visible (the obliques), so I'm pretty proud of my achievement, but it's hard work! (Although I find it easier than I did in my first trimester). So I'm hoping to be back to my old size and shape very soon after giving birth...Good luck to you!


Stace - April 8

Looks like its up to me and HannahBaby to fly the bloated flag this summer. LOL. Well done girls!


Trish# - April 9

I'll be flying the "Big & Bloated" flag this summer too, Hannah and Stace! Due Aug. 26! Yikes! Anyway, I'm still working out at the same pace I did before pg. About 1hr cardio 6x a week, weights too. I'm eating healthy and about the same as always and at 20wk pg have gained 13lbs, which is average or a little above average I suppose--esp. for my active lifestyle. But I don't care. I obvioulsy need that weight. I am trying to trust my body during this pg!


bloodlust - April 9

I belly danced tired and lazy during the first trimester so stopped but have taken it up again. It feels good, honestly. I also have this weird bike that's designed to stretch and tone muscle. It feels good as well. I try to take walks often, drink water and what not. I'm a little bloated and besides my legs being chubbier, I look the same as I did before..but like i said, chubbier legs and a tummy lol.



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