Stethoscope To Hear Baby

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Lindsay - May 4

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has tried using a stethoscope to hear the baby's heartbeat. If so, has anyone been successful and what week or month did you hear it? Thank you!


D - May 4

I've been trying since 12 weeks. I'm 16 weeks now. So far, just bowel sounds... although, a couple days ago, I thought I might be hearing more noise than usual, but nothing regular enough to be a heartbeat. My biggest problem is I have to press on the stethoscope hard enough to hear through my fat layer, and so I mostly hear my knuckles creaking. I've read somewhere that you can hear it at 20 weeks, but I can't remember where to verify it. Hopefully someone will know for sure!


MWAT - May 4

Thanks for asking the question...I was wondering the same thing. I am 16 weeks and can't hear the heartbeat with a Stethoscope yet, I can only hear it through the Dopler when I am at my doctors. If anyone has an answer for us let me know.


JB - May 4

I tried using a stethoscope a few weeks ago at 24 weeks but could not hear the heartbeat. All I heard was my own. Also I have the Baby Sounds (I think that's the name) I tried using it last night and I still have not made out the heartbeat. When I go to the doctor the nurse always finds the heartbeat right away with the doppler. I think I've seen that you can rent the doppler too.


. - May 4

Ive been trying since about 11 weeks and I am 21 weeks now and can't hear anything yet except my belly making noises. Every now and then I will hear a thump when she kicks me. I can hear mine but not hers


PP - May 4

As a paramedic I can say that I believe it it will be very late in the pregnancy beofre the heartbeat is audible witha stethescope. I am 29 weeks and I have tried with no success. I can hear my bowel sounds and I can hear movement so to speak but no heart beat.


D - May 4

Awww. I was afraid of that! But it won't stop me from trying now and then!


. - May 4

how far along are you Lindsay? I am almost 22 weeks and I can't hear anything but slight movements from baby and stomach noises. I have started to take a flashlight and holding it to my belly and putting the stethoscope there and I can hear her moving all around!!


nelly - May 4

im 28 weks and i still cant hear the heartbeat with a stethoscope or with the bebe sounds heartbeat monitor.


Staci - May 4

I got one too, I am almost 20 weeks and havent heard it yet with the regular stethscope, but I plan to keep trying. The books say 20 weeks, but I am guessing it depends on many factors, not the least of which being the position of the baby, the grade of the stethoscope, and the body type of the mom.



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