Sticky Discharge

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sara - September 11

I know that people have posted that they have more discharge during pregnancy, but how soon does that start? I have been having more white discharge that was stringy and gooey, like mucous, but now there is not so much of that, but it's more sticky than mucousy. Is that normal? does the consistency change from week to week or day to day? Anyone else experienced this or is something wrong?


sara - September 8

also, when going to the bathroom, it is more of a mucous type discharge that is clear but has a yellowish tint. But when looking on my underwear, it is white but more sticky without going to the bathroom. Is this ok? does anyone else have these weird things going on?


sara - September 8



Viv - September 8 on this site.


sara - September 8

thanks for answering, but do you know why it would change consistency like this, does that indicate an infection?


sara - September 8

anyone else?


manda - September 9

I have the same thing. I'm not sure if im pregnant. Does this always mean your pregnant?


sara - September 9

i'm not sure i'm pregnant either but am also wondering what this means, also my temp has pretty much stayed eleveated for about 15 days so far, it is usually about 96.7 or something and it has been at about 97.7 or higher all those days except for one. what is going on?


TJ - September 10

I am in my 6th week of pregnancy and I have the exact same discharge as what you're describing. Sometimes it is stringy, sometimes it is sticky with a slight yellow tint and sometimes it's white and more fluid like...Who knows what's going on up in there. lol. This is my first pregnancy and I'm very excited.


ca__sie - September 10

TJ--how far along were you when you found out? how far along do you have to be for a trans v____al ultrasound to pick up the baby?


Megan - September 11

It coule be your mucous plug....they come out when your pregnant..but usually not till the last 2 months.


Viv - September 11

I have read that BBT stays elevated if there is a pregnancy. It would be an early sign for those who have been charting.


jen - September 15

I just found out yesterday that i am pregnant. It is definanetly not something i want to hear right now. BUT i have also been experiencing this same discharge. After i whipe the toilet paper sometimes has the mucus on it.. and sometimes its just clear or even has a tint of yellow. but the thing is i have always had some sort of clear mucus discharge, so i dont know if this is pregnancy related ... an infection...or normal... but im definately going to ask the doctor loads of questions....


anomonous - December 13

i am a 15 year old girl and 3 weeks ago i had s_x with out a condom i have skipped my period by a week and i am having this gooey discharge that comes out in like little b___s can some one help me out coz im so scared!


Miranda - December 24

Hi ya sara, i have and still have experienced what you are going through also in doubt. your'e not alone.


lilmama - December 24

sara- your discharge is completley normal. To anonomus- it sounds like you have a yeast infection, go to your doc and get a pelvic


Kristina - December 24

Is it possible to ovulate on time even if you were late for yur period for that month an dit was a normal period??? My period was from the 4th until the 11th (7 days normal) but i was suppose to have it on the 1st until the 8th. If I would of started my period on the 1st i would of ovulated on 12-13-04 through 12-16-04 and i had my period on the 4th until the 11th I would of ovulated 12-16-04 through 12-19-04. So I had s_x on the 7th during my period, on the 11th the last day of my period, the 15th, and the 19th. Could I have concieved?



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