Stilettos And Pregnancy

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leslie - April 1

I want to know if its dangerous/unhealthy to use high heels stilettos sp? when pregnant or when should u stop using them...most of my shoes are high very high heel shoes and now that I am pregnant I don't know how safe it any of you girls have the same problem or an answer?


jena - April 1

i think it's more of an issue as to whether you are comfortable or not... i don't think it's dangerous for the baby, though.


tara - April 1

As you get bigger your body becomes off balance and you tend to trip over yourself. High heels won't help this situation at all and you'll end up tripping and hurting your self and possibly the baby. Also because your body becomes off balance you can hurt your back wearing heels that are too high or flat shoes. A 2 inch heal is recomended for most as it gives you the lift to balancce and isn't uncomfortable to hurt your lower back.


leslie - April 1

I am very comfortable with them..actually i get tired in half an hour if I wear tennis shoes...I have used high heels for like 3 years already


toes - April 1

Leslie, as a non-stilleto wearing individual (cept for that one time in college, and I have all the negatives), I'm picturing someone who's belly goes out past their toes and it just sounds incredibly unsafe, not to mention uncomfortable.


leslie - April 1

so I guess, when I start looking like Winnie the Pooh I will use more like little flip flop sandals JUST IN CASE!! thank you ladies for your answers!!


Eryn - April 1

I am only 5 feet tall so I've worn heels for as long as I can remember. I am 16 weeks pregnant and still wear my stiletto boots. I've read that you shouldn't but I am not showing yet and feel more comfortable in heels.


hi-heel danger - April 3

one of the dangers of heels when you're pregnant is injury! your body releases chemicals to loosen the ligaments in your pelvis for pregnancy and delivery. the problem is that the body can't differentiate which joints to loosen, so ALL of them are looser. you are at a higher risk of injury because your ligaments are not as tight as normal. that is why pregnant women drop things all the time. your finger ligaments are looser. anyway, just be careful. the heels won't hurt the baby, but falling could!


X - April 3

Leslie, D'UH? Have you talked to your doctor about this? What is your job? It is SENSIBLE to use low heeled shoes when pregnant. Common sense--


tiffani - April 3

I have 2 children and am pregnant now and I have never experienced the clumsiness that was mentioned here or in my pregnancy books. I think it depends on the person. You won't do any harm to your baby by wearing them, unless of course you fall. If you're comfortable and your feet aren't so swollen they don't fit, then go for it girl. :o)


X - April 3

Nothing to do about how comfortable YOU feel. Has something to do about better safe than sorry.


MGO - April 3

you wear those stilletos girl......Whatever makes you feel good!


AJay - April 3

Put the stripper shoes away your pregnant not pole spinning, lol


X - April 4

Wear those stilettos and spin that roulette! Experience after all is the best teacher. If you aren't at work ( during the day) see a REAL doctor. You'll understand the logic of all what I'm saying.


Melissa - April 27

I guess you can. My doctor told me that he recommend low-heeled shoes after 4 months of pregnancy,but he didn't speak of a health risk to the baby. He just said that as you get bigger, your gravitational pull is off and this is what causes clumsiness. I'm pregnant as well and still wear my stilettos, because they make me feel better about myself; kinda s_xy since the body is getting bigger.


leslie - April 27

Thank you girls for your answers and to x and Ajay, I wish I could use your dumb a__ses like stilettos! You probably don't know how to walk in them and are just jelous! I don't want to harm my baby that is why I am asking!!


Steph - April 27

I use to be an exotic dancer and I know 2 girls who kept dancing hiding the tummy the whole way through and wore their stelettos (sp). Their babies are healthy and they never fell......they knew what they were doing! GL and have the way you'll probably stay in better shape while wearing your stillettos



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