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Dee - March 3

I am carrying twins. Saturday I had an ultrasound and it revealed that baby "A" no longer has a heart beat. Baby "B" is ok though. Anyway, my OB wants to remove baby "A" from my uterus, she said that there is a risk for baby "B". I am 22 weeks along today. What will happen to baby "B" if I do not have baby "A" removed?? I think I might go get a second opinion.. I know that baby "A" does not have a heartbeat - I saw it on the ultrasounds, he did not move once either. I am heartbroken, physically and emotionally drained- Please give me advice I don't know what to do.


Holly - March 3

Dee i am so sorry to hear about your loss. I would for sure go get another opinion, I just don't know on this one. I'm not sure you would want to go into the uterus at this stage. Mabee nature will take it's course. Again, I am so sorry.


Rachel* - March 3

Dee, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you do get a second opinion. I will pray for you.


Dee - March 3

Thank You Both. I Am Going To Get A Second Opinion Tomorrow. I Just Don't Know What To Make Out Of It All. I Keep Hoping That When I Go In Tomorrow Baby "A" Will Have A Heartbeat, But I Know He Won't. I Am All Out Of Tears. Hoping For A Miracle. Thank You For Your Support.


P - March 3

Dee, I'm very sorry for your loss. I think they may want to remove Baby "A" for fear that your body will start reject and cause you to lose both. If this is the case, your doctor should have explained this to you. I would definitely get a second opinion just to make sure though. I am really so very sorry.


Dee - March 3

She Did Not Explain Much. She Is One Of Those Non-Emotional Doctors That Is Straight To The Point. That Is Why I Am Going For A Second Opinion.


L - March 3

I would get a second opinion asap. I did a quick google search, and found that if the twins are in separate sacs, Twin B will likely be ok. However, the doc needs to watch you closely to make sure that Twin A is being absorbed back in. If the twins are in the same sac, there is a risk of cerebral damage or losing the second twin. Sometimes there are things the doctors can do to make sure Twin B will be ok. Of course, you may see the heartbeat next appointment!


Mad at doctor - March 3

I am very mad to hear that the your doctor is so not concerned about this or that she did not explain..I mean how can they tell you that your baby might have died without feelings I mean is she not a mother and even if she WASNT for God sakes plus its her responsability to tell you and explain to you its about your health and your babies plus you are paying her..YOU SHOULD GET ANOTHER OPINION AND IF POSSIBLE CHANGE THAT B**CH FOR ANOTHER DOCTOR


P - March 3

Sounds like you have the same doctor as me. You're still pretty early in your pregnancy and you need a lot more support then she seems willing to give. I would suggest trying a new doctor if you can. You have enough to deal with without her adding unnecessary stress. My doctor is very unemotional and blunt to the point my boyfriend won't even go the appointments anymore. It just adds to the stress. Dump her if you can. Good luck.


rose - March 3

Dee - i am so sorry you lost baby sister in law lost a baby at 24 weeks so i know how heartbreaking it is to see that still baby on the monitor...i would absolutely get a second opinion if i were you....i will pray for you and for baby B....


momof3 - March 3

Sorry about baby A. Please do get a 2nd opinion. I hate when Doctors are so heartless!! I hope everything goes go with Baby B..


Misty - March 3

Had to laugh at what "Mad at doctor wrote" she is so right. My first pregnancy I had a doctor like that. But I figured that he knew what he was doing, so even though I didn't really like him I figured I was in good hands. In the end though I had a really tough labor, he was almost non-existent through the whole thing then he ended up doing an emergency C-section. I was put to sleep and hooked up to all kinds of wires so the dad wasn't even able to be there for our sons birth. Come to find out though the nurses hadn't thought it was necesary which just makes me think that the doctor was impatient and only interested in doing what he had to do, not in the emotional state of his patients. Now, this is just my opinion but I think you ought to do more then just get a second opinion, I think you should get a new doctor. I'm also very sorry for your loss. If you go to the top of the page, in forums, you can go down to the site for miscarriage and loss. There are lots of women in there who have also gone through loss. Though none quite the same as yours. Really nice ladies, it might help you ought.


Dee - March 4

Update. I Went To My Sisters OB Today and They Did An Ultrasound. Guess What - They DID Pick Up a Faint Heartbeat On Baby "A". The Doctor Told Me That I have What Is Called MoMo Twins (sp) Which Means That They Are Identical and Are In The Same Sack And Are At Risk For Tangling Up With Eachothers Cords, So I Am Now On Bed Rest. The Doctor Also Said That Sometimes With a Doppler It Is Hard To Hear Some Twins Heart Beats Because They Are Identical. Also Eventhough I Am 22 Weeks Along-It Can Be Difficult To Hear The Babies At Times - Per The Doctor. Thank ALL Of You For All You'r Encouraging Words And Prayers. I Am SOOOOO P__sed At My Old Doctor Right Now - I Called The Office To Tell Her The News And I Found Out That She Is Not Even A Doctor - She Is A N.P. I Am Not Sure What To Do, But I Can't Help But Think About What Would Have Happened If I Would Have Trusted Her - Both Of My Babies Would Have Been Killed. I Just Don't EVER Want This To Happen To Anyone Else. A Word To The Wise - Research Your Doctors - Ask Them Questions Such As Are You An M.D or N.P! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!! Thank's Again Everyone!


Missy - March 4

Dee - that is awesome news!!!! I will be sure to double check my doc now, thanks for the heads up....check with your local health department to see if there is anything you can do about that other wannabe Dr - maybe you can file a complaint so people will know what to expect from that person


Liz - March 4

I read your post and almost cried from you sad news and your HAPPY news! You go girl!!!!!!


E - March 4

What a relief Dee:) I am so happy for you and your babies. Rest up and let everyone pamper you. Take care darling!!


tara - March 4

Dee, I'm so glad to hear this news. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.



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