Still Feeling Awful

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Glasschicky - January 8

At almost 5 months I was hoping to not have morning sickness anymore. I still take Diclectin and if I don't take it on time I get so violently sick it's awful. Also I haven't been sleeping for a while now, can't seem to get comfortable and I spend most of my nights tossing and turning. On top of everything I have had a headache for about 4 days straight now. I have been taking regular tylenol like the dr recommended but I find it does nothing. Can anyone suggest anything for a good nights sleep or for the headaches??


amber508 - January 8

morning sickness... with both of my pregnancies I said it should be called all day sickness. I had it through both pregnancies til the very end. ALso you are at that point of not getting comfy to sleep... try a nice warm (not hot) bath b4 sleep... as for the head, maybe a cool cloth on your eyes for a while? or a warm shower and let the water just hit the back of your neck? sadly Tylenol is all that is safe during preg I think. Maybe your Dr knows some better ways. Good luck, soon you will have that little bundle of joy in your hands and it'll have all been worth it.


JudithLayne - January 8

well, when my sister was preggo, the doc suggested when you have a headache coming on, try taking 2 tylenol with a could just be a caffeine headache..and as far as sleeping, im not real sure..but they have those full body pillow things that might make it more comfortable to sleep..hope this helps a lil bit...


FrancesM - January 8

Gla__s, I understand that you can take Tylenol PM for sleep. Many of my pg friends take it and it is on my safe list that came from the Dr. Good luck with the m/s and lack of sleep...


Gla__schicky - January 8

My doctor has never suggested Tylenol PM I should give it a try, I'm so exhausted and work is killing me. As for the body pillow, my husband got me one but in order for me to sleep with it he can't be in the bed cause it takes up too much room! I've tried hot baths and heating pads on my neck, cold washcloth on my face and nothing. I really hope it pa__ses soon I'm getting so fed up and exhausted!!!! Thanks for your input guys, I'll definately give Tylenol pm a try!


gabbysally - January 11

oh darling, I feel your pain with the headaches. mine's going on 3 days now and I'm feeling suicidal/homicidal! not really, but I"m going nuts. try an ice pack wherever the pain in your head is, that usually helps for me. and if you're not opposed to having a cup of caffeine, hot tea or coffee might help too.


Gla__schicky - January 11

Isn't it just the worst feeling? I went for a prenatal ma__sage yesterday, it got rid of my headache which was amazing...however I woke up again this morning with my eyeb___s feeling heavy and lots of pressure in my's been going on for like a week now. SOOOOOo sick of headaches. I drink lots of tea, I've had some coffee and still to no avail! I don't think this baby wants me to get any sleep! Hope you get rid of your headache soon gabbysally!



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