Still Haven T Gained Weight

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Quinn - May 9

I am 12 wks and still have not gained any weight. I have not been sick at all so I'm not losing calories there. I haev always been very weight conscious and my boyfriend is afraid that I'm not eating enough for the baby. I tell him that the baby goes from my reserves and will be nurished before me but he makes me feel bad about it. I am only 12 wks and this is my first baby, my body has changed and my clothes fit differently, just the scale isn't changing. Should I worry?


Katt - May 9

I think that you are fine. I din't gain much wieght with this pregnancy, 18pds so far at 36wks. With my son, who is 3yrs.old I gained 80 pds.though! My husband tells me I don't eat enough either but I eat when I am hungry and never go without eating. If your baby needs more you will crave more. A good vitamin helps alot too.


KEEKEE - May 9

Hey, are you one of those women who can eat what they want and don't put on weight? If so, You may not put on must weight. You will likely be all belly. Don't worry about it. Most people dont show until their last months of pregnancy....Good Luck!!!!


nhb - May 9

Hey Quinn--I lost about 5 pounds the first 8-9 weeks of pregnancy; @ my ultrasound where I was almost 8 weeks, I weighed 141 (I'm 5'9", so I usually weigh 145-150); that was four weeks ago (I'll be 13 weeks this Wednesday). I went back to the dr's today and I've gained a whopping one pound, although I, too, eat when hungry, and my belly distinctly sticks out, just the scale hasn't really changed. Nothing to worry about. The doctor will tell you if something is wrong, until then, keep taking his/her advice! My husband tells me all the time to do or not do things, but I know my body limits better than he does, and how my body needs to grow. Go with how you feel. Don't worry about your bf, tell him if he's so concerned about it to call your dr's office or come to the next prenatal visit and then he can ask for himself :) Anyway, congratulations!! EDD: 11/16/05


cc - May 9

I'm 14wks and haven't gained. But your boyfriend is right about eating. Now is NOT the time to diet! You can do that after the baby is born.


Beth S. - May 9

i wouldnt worry as long as you are eating and taking your vitamins. i wasnt sick either but lost 8 pounds, i didnt start gaining until my 5th month


April - May 9

I'm 29 weeks and have only gained 10 lbs.. but my baby is very healthy and my stomach is measure just as it should.. so don't worry.. and about not eating enough.. a common misconception with pregnancy is that you are supposed to double what you eat daily, but all that leads to is gaining 30 lbs of fat... people use pregnancy as an excuse to eat the house... the key is to make sure you're eating GOOD nutricious foods... I eat roughly 5-7 small meals a day. with snacks like apples and oranges in between. You're only supposed to eat 300 more calaries than your standard (usually 2000 calarie) diet. so although pregnancy is not the time for a "fad" diet... it IS the time for a healthy balanced diet.


April - May 9

I forgot to say too.... I haven't gained much but I was showing at 2 1/2 months... so I think sometimes you just gain the weight of the baby and extra fluids and that's it... my mom only gained 16 lbs when she was pregnant with my sister... and my sister was perfectly healthy (still is!) I think I'm going to be somewhere around there too... I will be surprised if I gain the whole 20-30 that they say you're supposed to


Adria - May 13

I weighed about 106-108 before pregnancy, dropped to 102 the first few weeks and then in March I started gaining weight went from 102 to 113 now, so have I actually gained 11lbs. or 7lbs?



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