Still Very Scared

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Scared - April 29

I am 19 weeks pregnant right now.....I will be 24-25 weeks pregnant when I fly home to visit family...I have always been scared to fly, but this time it is worse because I'm newly married and have our first baby on the way ( I'm 20, my husband is 22)...I don't want anything to happen to us, I'd never get to see my baby. I always think that something is going to go wrong with the plane I'm on...... I'm very very scared and I've tried to avoid flying as much as possible, but my family has planned a baby shower for us, and I cannot just miss my own shower! I'm so scared, if anyone has anything that can ease my mind about flying, I would really appreciate it..Thank You


jb - April 29

I am a travel agent and the chances of something happening are so slim. It should help ease your mind by know that your family is with you and that you aren't alone. That always makes me feel better. You will do great!


Karen - April 29

The way I liik at it is that your in more danger of being in a car accident than a plane crash. I will always say a prayer before , durning and after. This has helped cram my nerves. Take care !!!!!!!


April - April 29

Yeah you are definately safer in a plane than you are in a car... think about how many flights there are per day.. and how many plane crashes there are... the chances are soooooooooo sooooooo slim of anything happening. I flew to florida and back when i was 22-23 weeks pregnant.. and everything went fine. Just try not to think about things like that. Some advice though, take snacks and water and try to get an aisle seat so you can get up and move around if the flight is long.. it's not really good to sit for too long.


Jessy - May 1

Aww there's the same danger in a plane as in a car...if it helps..pray to GOD for help and protection and a safe trip...if you don't have the faith to believe it, then ask somebody else who has that faith to pray FOR you..God can send His angels to watch over you...then there's no reason to worry anymore...just relax!



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