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Kal - October 17

Hey ladies. I'm not sure if I want advice, or if I just want to vent. I met my midwife for the first time this morning, and she went through all the normal questions about mine, my husbands and our families medical history. I told her that my mom has had two miscarriages, and that I wasn't aware of anything else along those lines. But I phoned my mom afterwards, just to update her (she's interested in how things have changed, and this is her first grandchild, so she's really excited)...she asked what questions I'd been asked, so I reeled off a list...when I got to "any miscarriages or stillbirths in the family" she said yes she has...I checked what I'd told the midwife with her, and she went very quiet. She then told me that before she had me, she'd had a stillborn baby...she said it was a problem with the cord, the baby had died while she was giving birth. She hasn't ever revealed this to my sister or I, neither of us knew. I feel so sad for her...I didn't know that she'd been so brave for so long. She said that when I was born she kept checking me, and she just kept saying over and over "She's breathing, thank god she's breathing..." I know that things like this happen, and I know that there are a lot of incredibly brave women out there who have gone through this...but I had no idea that my own mother was one of them. And on a personal level, knowing that something this terrible has happened to someone so close to me has made it more real...before it was 'one of those things that happens to someone else', but now, in my head, it could happen to anybody, even me. I feel so bad for my Mom, and I'm so frightened...I feel like there's so much that can go wrong, and sometimes the worst does happen. Sorry about this ladies, I don't really expect a response as this isn't really a question...more just a way for me to get some feelings out. I'm really sorry if this upsets anyone, I know it's not a good subject to think about.


ok - October 17



to kal - October 17

I am sorry your mother had to go through this. It does, unfortunately happen, but thankfully not that common...I am sure your baby will be fine..


Charity - October 17

Well my b/f's mom went through it. Her pregnancy was fine up till she delivered. It was on Valentines Day. Her name was Chelsea Lynn Morehouse and the cord was wrapped around her neck twice. Still to this day my b/f or his family hates Valentines Day. But now that we are having a girl her middle name was gonna be Chelsea but we're thinking of using Lynn. It's easier. When he told his mom on the phone she got quiet but then was trying to help find a name. I think it touched her heart. I've been worring about the same thing. You vent all you need to. I'll be praying for you and your pregnancy.


Lissi - October 17

We're are just so lucky that technology has moved on and they can usually prevent things like this happening now. I had to be wired up to a moniter, the whole time I was in labor, because my baby had the cord wrapped araound her neck, and every time I had a contraction, her heart rate dropped dangerously low. It was very worrying, but at least if I knew that if she was in any real danger, they could perform a c/sec straight away. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. That's very sad.


Karen - October 17

My grandmother loss a few of her babies. One died inside her before delivery and they had to help her deliver the baby. That was about 30 years ago. Like Lissi said thank God for technology. My little man was 4 weeks early and had to be given oxcgen to help him breathe the first couple of minutes of his life and again later on cause his breathing was low. I know how you feel. I felt it for my grandmother when I heard about it also. Just say a prayer and trust in God.


ally - October 17

My mum had 5 miscarriages so i can imagine the pain involved. Try to stay happy and positive as that will help your baby and i know its sad to think about but try not too as u need to think of the present and maintaining a good outlook for your baby to be happy and healthy. Sorry your mum went thru that. I couldnt imagine carrying a baby for 9 mths then that happening, it would be awful, all the best to you


Me - October 17

This is a really depressing thread. I know people will tell me not to read it then but I still see the t_tle staring at me when I check this forum. Sorry, just my opinion.....I am worrying enough and don't need to read about all this tragedy...


Kal - October 18

I can understand that it's depressing (hence why I apologised at the end of my post)...but it is something that happened, and this forum is a place where women can come to find support and rea__surance. The reason I posted is because I was worrying a lot too, and then I had the shock of finding out that this tragedy had happened to my own mother. Reading other peoples comments has really helped, so thank you to everybody who wrote supportive posts.



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