Stomach Has Shrunk

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Shrunk? - March 10

Hi there, I am very confused and wanted to contact you to see if this was something you had heard of before. I am 24 and weighed about 113/114 pounds before getting pregnant. I am now in my 18th week and up until now my belly has been very large and you could definetely see i was pregnant, but last week i noticed that my stomach had shrunk back down to a very small size( you cant even tell i am pregnanct anymore) and my belly button, which up until now had started its journey to pop out, has now gone back inside and my belly button is now deep. I am very concerned as to the health of the baby, Ive had no major cause of concern, ie. Unbearable stomach pains,bleeding etc. I did have Diahoreah yesterday but it quickly went, I did have shooting stomach pains about a week ago, but put it down to constipation? I woud really like your opinion and would just like to know if it is possible for your stomach to decrease in size at this stage, I do have an OBGYN visit in 2 weeks to find out the s_x of baby and to hvae an ultrasound, but do you think I should be concerened and make an earlier visit? As it is the weekdend now I dont have anyone to call. Please let me know your thoughts and if this could be a normal part of my pregnancy as I am very very concerned and it is making me very stressed. Thank you very much for your help :)


sososleepy - March 10

Hi. No real clue on that one, but my doc has an answering service and if I'm concerned about something a midwife will call me back; you might want to call just to ease your mind. Humm... 113/114? Some not nice part of me wants to not even answer, I weigh 2 of you. Ouch. I guess I won't make that next grilled cheese I was considering... at least I ate peas with it. If you had the runs yesterday, perhaps before that you were a bit bloated with some gas and now it's better? hCG are highest at 10 weeks, then decline some, and that's when we get the worst pg symptoms, so perhaps it's just your first trimester bloating getting better.



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