Stop Pulling My Shirt Up

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LS - August 7

I am 22 weeks pregnant and for some reason everyone feels the need to pull my shirt up to look at my belly. I had my appendix out in january and they did it by making a small incision by my belly button and taking it out with a clamp. The scar is not big but i never liked people to see it and now they wont stop pulling my shirt up... anyone else having their clothes yanked?lol


Sonya - August 7

No, that is pretty rude. I do have problems with my sister and my mother constantly touching my belly. I know they are just excited but rubbing my belly for more than a second is just uncomfortable. I don't want to hurt their feelings, but come on.....


P - August 7

If it were me they'd be drawing back a bloody nub...


glendy - August 7

yeah..i would be completely uncomfortable with strangers pulling at my clothes. i mean, i do have people that stop me and ask, but i politly say i'd rather them not. my family does like to ask to see it a lot and they love rubbing it, which only bothers me if i don't really know them


Lissi - August 8

No.I don't think anyone would dare do that to me! It's is extremely rude of them. Try pulling theirs up too next time. See how they like it!


Jbear - August 8

You must be one of those cute pregnant one has even considered pulling my shirt up. I do get pats on the belly a lot, and the other day we were all swimming and my mom came over and put her face against the baby bump. It was a little strange, but this will be my last baby, so I guess my mom is just enjoying having a pregnant daughter for a couple more weeks. About your scar, when my daughter had hernias repaired, we put aquaphor ointment on the scar twice a day, and within a couple of months her scars had faded to thin white lines. Don't worry too much about a scar, it's pretty rare for us to make it through life without any's a sign of survival rather than something to be ashamed of.


Jamie - August 8

I'd punch somebody for pulling up my shirt...heck, I'm not too pleasant when people feel the need to touch my belly. In fact, I'm not really that nice when people ask me when I'm due (or "ready to pop" as most people put it)...I'm just not a nice person in general, I guess. LOL


kaidee - August 8

yeah do what Lissi said and pull theirs up too. lol. Never be ashamed of your scars, They always have a story to tell no matter if its good, bad, for health or stupidity. Thats how i see them. =)


LS - August 8

Thank you all so much. Jbear i guess thats true that my scar is a sign of survival, i never really thought of it like that...thanks again! I'm glad to hear that i am not the only one getting attacked by rude people wanting to touch me. I am dreading the baby shower when EVERYONE will want to touch my belly...i guess i could flip out and blame it on hormones hehe :)



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