Stopped Birth Control And Pregnant

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WantToKnow - November 1

I know it's very soon to ask, and time will tell all, but it's hard to be patient! A couple of weeks ago I stopped my birth control, had intercourse around the same time (during the time I would ovulate during a monthly cycle), and about 4 days later got what seemed like a period (only lasted 2 days instead of my normal 5-7, and was just over 2 weeks early, but it wasn't just spotting). Is there any chance I'm pregnant?


m - November 1

Yes, there's a chance. People will tell you that it takes 3 months, 6 months, etc. to get pregnant. But I'm living proof you can get pregnant 2 weeks after stopping the pill. It has happened to me 3 times. Sounds like it could be implantation bleeding, but I'm no doc. I'd take a test if I were you. If negative, wait a few days and take another. Another thing to consider- if you stopped your bc during time of ovulation, you must have stopped in the middle of a pill cycle, which can throw your body out of whack. Good luck!


m - November 1

Just to clarify - I said I got pregnant 2 weeks after stopping the pill. That happened 3 times, but I waited until the end of the pill box to quit each time. Once, I tried stopping in the middle, and after about 3 days, I started bleeding like a period, so I caught back up and stayed on. Make sense?


wtk - November 1

Thanks for the response. I did stop in the middle (in the first week). I have heard that stopping can throw off your bleeding and your hormones, but you can still be pregnant. Because the bleeding was 3-4 days after stopping bc, i wasn't sure if it is possible to be pregnant or not. I'll wait until when my period is supposed to start and see what happens. thanks again.


m - November 1

You're right. I apologize if I sound like I'm saying you can't be pregnant, because like you said, it's entirely possible! Hope everything turns out like you want it to!


Melissa - November 1

I went off of my birth control patch in mid cycle the first week of August. I then had a "period" the following week, ovulated shortly after, and am now 11.5 weeks pregnant: ) It is very possible. Good luck: )


wtk - November 2

did you have intercourse before or after your "period"? Just curious. I'll be able to test in about a week to find out for sure.



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