Stopping Taking Pill How Long B4 Back To Normal

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jane - January 3

I stopped taking the pill last month to try to conceive and have had unprotected s_x several times since. My period should be due in a few days time and I have had a full or bloated feeling in my lower tummy and thick cm for a few days. I now have sore nipples . Is all this due to stopping pill and body getting back to normal or pg?


JennyC - January 3

I think its unusual, but I did get pg the first month off the pill (after taking it for 10 years!). I'd wait until your period is actually late, and then take a test. But I had to wait a full week after I expected my period to get a positive test. I got 2 negatives first. I think that's probably because I didn't really know when to expect my period becuase I'd been on the pill for so long. The biggest sign that I had was that my b___sts grew huge practically overnight and I missed my period. Good luck!


cat - January 3

jane- I also got preg the first month off of the pill after being on depo for 1 year and then bcp for 1 year. I got 2 negatives when my period was due then a week later got a positive. I also experienced slight headaches and sore b___sts, yet it could be from getting off the pill. drs. say if you don't get preg within 1 month, you'll more likely fall pregnant on the 3 month ttc. Good luck to you.


kellie - January 3

Well, this is my first month off the pill too (after 8 years) and my nipples are unbelieveably sore. it's very strange, when I was on the pill my b___bs always hurt, and now that I am off it my nipples are hurting like crazy!!! I am glad to hear I am not the only one experiencing this! I am not due for my period yet, so I don't know how regular that will be. But, I did get a bunch of the clear egg-white CM about 2 weeks into my cycle, so that is a good sign! My emotions have also been all over the place, I think this is because my body was used to getting those extra hormones every month, and it is taking a while to adjust.


AshleyB - January 3

I got pregnant the first month off the pill. I've heard that some women are even more fertile when stopping birth control.


ChrissyJ - January 3

I stopped taking bcp the end of Sept and I got my BFP Dec 21.I had been on bcp for 12 yrs off and on.Some good advice is try not to stress about it because it will drive you nuts.Me and dh tried to do everything right the first 2 mo and It was too much.As soon as we gave up and said lets just forget about ttc,next thing I know BFP!!So Good luck to you hope you get BFP soon.


jane - January 4

Kellie, your symptoms sound just like mine, i think stopping the pill probably causes all these things to happen while the body gets back to normal. I guess i will have to wait and see!



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