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Andie - October 4

All those considering strange names for you kids, I suggest reading this. I am all for a bit of uniqueness, but parents need to stop thinking about how "cool" it sounds to them, and realize their kids may not feel the same way. To all the poor children, with weird names, this is for you! Shea, Roman, Shia, Apple... WASHINGTON - After 19 years of getting into fights over his name and hearing it mispronounced, Shia LaBeouf can’t believe celebrities are still coming up with weird names for their kids. LaBeouf says not only was he teased because of the sound of his name, he says his full name means “thank God for beef” and “who wants to be named that?” Asked what he would say to parents planning to give their kids strange names, LaBeouf says “name your kid Billy and Timmy! What is the problem with that?”


kris A. - October 4

My daughter has a friends named Shea and Roman ( girl and boy)... Shea is a cheerleader, beautiful and loves her "strange" name - I asked her about it 'cause I am naming my daughter Wren Caroline and wanted her opinion on Wren... she said an unusual name helps people remember her, and she loves it. My maiden name was Kris Jones. People ALWAYS forgot my name... to common and boring I guess... so it goes both ways... just my opinion.


Rachel - October 4

Typo- I meant, you're too busy telling us what to name our children to know that most of the time there's a meaning behind the names...


Lisa - October 5

I like the name Roman, I was considering naming my baby that if I was having a boy... Now if you said "Hitler" or something along that line I would agree.


... - October 5

I read that if Gweneth Paltrow has enough girl she wants to name it peach. No joke.


ally - October 5

why would someone name their baby roman? its dreadful rachel and i agree with andie. Uniqueness is cool, 'roman shea', which by the way sounds like a car name is not cool and i dont know why someone would also name their child after a bird, i agree some kids will definitely get teased at school and no doubt a roman shea will be one of them. I don't think andie is closed minded, she knows the difference between a nice name and a stupid one basically.


ally - October 5

Also i dont think andie is a moron to not know all names have a meaning, my daughters name is alicia and it means truthful one, what the heck does a roman shea mean besides torture for the child at school


klm - October 5

There are some names no child should have to deal with. I watched a show about this.....some of the names were: Jack Daniels, Breakfast, Sunny-Day & Banjo. Although Roman would not be my choice, I don't think it is weird, it is very popular in Hollywood right now.


Lisa - October 5

To Ally - They did not name their child Roman Shea...Roman and Shea are two seperate names for two seperate children; one male one female. Some people may not like the name you gave your child...


HH - October 5

I live in a foreign country, they don't speak English here. My name is so common there are two of us living in this town who have the same English name, first and last names. I want my child to be the only one with a certain name in Kindergarten. I think it is possible to acheive this without scarring my child!!!


lol - October 5

Resistance is futile you will be a__similated. Don't fight it just name your kids Mary or Bob. Is it just me or does it seem like Americans are become LESS tolerant of differences? you people are scaring me!


bump - October 5



pbj - October 5

There is nothing unsual about the name Roman, it is simply not a common American name but is popular in other countries...same goes with Shea. Apple is just some stupid name that an idiot actress made up just to be different. Breanne, I like your name, but it's not a common American name either so if I were you I'd stop pointing fingers, at one time your name was probably considered to be "unusual". Actually, if you would think about it for a moment you'd realize that most name were "unusual" in the U.S. at one time or another...considering we're all from different ethnic backgrounds. We're naming our daughter Mattea, which some say is unusual but others say they've met others with the same name. (By the way, if you don't like the name, save it, cause I really couldn't care less)


Bonnie - October 5

Actually, I think Roman sounds quite nice. We live in a pretty big world, thank God we are not all the same. Otherwise the world would be a pretty boring place.


Ashleigh at 10 weeks! - October 5

I want my kids to have good names, but not ones that they will get attacked for. That goes for both common names like Bob and weirder names like Roman. Just my two cents.


Narcissus - October 5

Why does everyone hate the name Apple? I kind of like it:) As long as the name is not ugly, what's the damage? Of course I like "Apple"... I named my child Aja. I hope he does not hate me for it. We gave him a normal middle name to use should he hate his first name. I don't want my child to blend in with the rest of the kids. I hope he stands out, if for no other reason than his name. People will remember him:)


jen - October 5

My friend named her little boy Chandler, and people are always asking "Chandler? Like on Friends?" and she gets so p__sed every time. I want to laugh, because what was she expecting? No one had ever heard of that name until that show came out.



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