Strange Bleeding Please Help

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jeb - June 20

hi i was just looking for some advice. i dont think i am pregnant, but my bf and i have had unprotected s_x. im on the pill and my af ended on the 9th june, so i have been taking the hormone pills for 1 1/2 weeks now and on sun i got a bit of brown mucous, mon clot like brown blood, tues was just like a normal period and now wed its petering off a bit. im still taking my hormone pills and am wondering if i should worry about this, its never happened before. please help!!


Seredetia - June 20

I've heard that sometimes when you take hormone pills and/or birth control pills (or combinations), you get some weird things going on with your cycle. This can include that mucous you're seeing. To confirm, though, I would definitely ask your doctor. Only they will be able to discuss all symptoms of your treatments!


jeb - June 20

yea i have heard that too i just have always had a regular cycle both on and off the pill. and now i have my period after only getting rid of it just over a week ago, it just sux. gonna go see the doc this avo


Seredetia - June 20

well, to be a bit encouraging (maybe??): For the past 6 months I have had irregular cycles that have been extremely unusual for me. My cycle was always on time, but it just kept getting later and later and later. I think that's how I ended up pregnant. LOL. When I missed it this time, it was the first time I didn't think I was pregnant and I was. ;) Good luck to you.


smskam - June 20

Seredetia : were u six plus months preg when u found out u were preg..please answer.. i have been having crazy flows since march myslef....


Seredetia - June 21

smskam, I have no idea...I find out tomorrow how far along I am. My supervisor at work, however, was six months with BOTH of her boys before she knew she was even pregnant!! So, it's very possible to be that far along and not show any signs. Hope that helps.


smskam - June 21

Seredetia :thanks so much..did u think u may have been preg when ur cycles were getting messed up. did u test atall during that time??DId u have any other symptoms?? Also please do keep us posted on how far along u r ...I haven't been testing positive so far, but can't understand why i am having scanty flows when i have never had that problem ever before..just when i started ttc...the very next month on it started to be scanty so i was thinking ..may be i am preg but never have tested positive on blood or urine.. and no hormonal or infection problems that don't know what to think... added to that i have some preg like symptoms.. no matter how hard i try to forget something new pops up.. and that is making me question my sanity any first hand answers/help from ladies like u, would be so it possible.. if u don't mind, to find out more from ur to how she found out finally that she was preg..did she have her regular periods ,did she not have any symptoms or even movement which they starts at about 16 weeks?? i am so curious to find out .. lastly how was it confirmed..would really appreciate ur feedback.. .pleaseeee...thanks again..


jeb - June 25

ok the bleeding has stopped, though it was mostly just spotting now i have lots of cm


Tessa28 - July 4

k so i had s_x for my first time with this 28 year old and im 16 and i started bleeding after and then the next morning i was still bleeding.. and i am supposed to get my period a couple days after this happened and i got it and i was happy but then later on that day i went to change my pad and there was hardly any blood and i wasnt bleeding anymore. im not sure if we used a condom or not i was really drunk and i havent asked him yet. and im reallly worried.



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