Strep B In Urine

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Elisha - October 29

I'm 19 weeks pregnant. When I went for my first OB appointment in Sept., I gave a clean urine sample to be cultured. When I went for my next appointment, the doctor did not have results for it, so she ordered another, which I gave on 10/4. The results were read when I returned on 10/19 for my visit. At that time, the doctor said my urine was positive for strep B. Not knowing what that meant, I just said ok, had the prescription filled, and began the medicine. I just finished my last dose yesterday. In the meantime, I have been reading about Strep B on the internet and I am concerned about the delay in treatment. I am not scheduled to return to my doctor until 11/15. Is it ok to wait until then to see if the infection has vacated? I am also wondering if my doctor is competent, having lost the initial results and having waited 15 days to read the results of the second culture. Should I be looking for a new Ob? I have tried all week to reach my doctor to discuss these questions and to find out if I could get a flu shot while taking penicillin. The only response I received was a message on my cell phone saying that as long as I was taking penicillin for strep THROAT I shouldn't worry about getting a flu shot. Is she kidding? It had only been 9 days since she prescribed the penicillin for STREP B.


pbj - October 29

Are you sure it was the doctor that returned your call and not a nurse. More than likely your doctor sees so many patients that he/she can't remember you without looking at your chart. I wouldn't be worried about the B Strep...I'm 36 weeks and just had my test this week and from what I've read and heard from other friends who have tested positive, usually antibiotics are administered during labor intraveniously. Actually, I would be concerned that they tested too early; I would ask is there any possible way that it could return before you go into labor. Relax, you have half of your pregnancy you have plenty of time. I would just be sure they keep an eye on you.


pbj - October 29

I also meant to ask you from what I've heard from friends (one of them an OB nurse) they're supposed to swab the cervix to test for Strep B not test your are you sure it was for Strep B? I know I just had mine and they swabbed the inside of my cevix and considering that they baby comes out of your cervix and not urethra, I don't see what urine has to do with it.


Me - October 29

They tested me through urine too and found I had it. However, they told me that when I'm in labor...they swab then...and then treat instantly through IV. They told me it wouldn't do any good to medicate now...cause it would come they wait until labor.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 29

They normally do not even test for it until almost ready to deliver. I got tested at 38 weeks. My ob told me that the levels of the bacteria can change thruout the pregnancy and treatment for it is not even needed until close to delivery so they know whether or not to give antibiotics at delivery. The only way it can affect the baby is for it to catch it on the way out of the birth ca___l. And antibiotics at delivery will prevent that. It is a normal bacteria commonly found in the v____a.



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