Strep B Testing

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mariah - September 27

I think it's called strep B anyways...I did a swab test for it and it came back possitive. I'm a little worried that I will be alergic to the medicine they give you because if that happens it can be a pretty big complication. Anyone els test possitive with this?


ram - September 27

I just had a swab. It was negative. But I have heard that as long as you get treated during delivery you should be fine. When are you due??


denise - September 27

Hi Mariah. I'm 19 weeks pregnant and they told me i have it as well but it is very common. Nothing to worry about they will just give you an IV with an antibiotic during your labor so you don't pa__s it on to the baby.


t - September 27

with my daughter i came back possitive do not worry everything was ok it really is not a big deal at all


s - September 28

i had it with my son, and its no big deal. u cant even tell u have it. its no harm to the baby as long as u get the treatment during labor. about being allergic to it, i dont know what to say about to a doctor i suppose. good luck!


mom42 - September 28

The regular antibiotic they give is a penicillin-type. I am allergic to that, so I had to get another kind of antibiotic. They are all IV. There is actually a benefit to the non-penicillin one. You don't need extra fluids pushed to keep it from hurting. I did have a problem, though-my dr had to justify me not getting the regular antibiotic. Apparently the head of OB wanted patients to receive the regular one, unless there was a reason not to. Sorry, I'm not a dr, this is just the info I gleaned from my dr, so maybe it will help.Make sure your dr and nurses are aware of any allergies and make sure it is in your med records, birth plan and orders for the antibiotic for the pharmacy. I asked about 5 times, especially when the pharmacy was trying to give hte penicillin-based, even though my dr had asked for the correct one.



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