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?? - October 23

how bad is stress on the baby cuz everyone i am around is doing this to the point of crying everyday cuz i cant handle.


hi - October 23

ok that was ignorance right there .so ignore that retard.i went through alot of stress with my pregnancies they were both fine.but do try to find away to not be so upset even if you need to go somewhere for awhile to be alone.good luck


Lisa - October 23

If you find yourself getting really stressed because of people just leave the something else, that's what I have been doing. I like to bake so I do that and that takes my mind off of it, or read, have a bath, SHOP!!! Do whatever you have to do to feel good and try not to let people get you down. This is your time right now and you enjoy it...!! :)


Anonymous - October 24

Stress is not very good for your growing baby. I've read somewhere that stress can restrict some bloodflow to your unborn child and end up making your baby stressed. I had to deal with alot of stress when I was pregnant. I had a new job, moving out, being a teen right out of highschool and losing both of my grandpa's, my great grandmother and great grandfather. It was quite a year I tell you. Take it easy, things happen for a reason. When one door shuts, a window opens. I found taking a nap helped, or even a bath. Treating yourself to your favorite food and drink, taking a stroll down the street. Shopping even! Read a book or even buy a pregnancy magazine. I also found that knowing if I just tried to put on a smile that I was doing wonders already for my child. Giving him/her the best start in life. My little boy is the cheeriest little one anyone has seen. If it's hard to try and put on a smile during the rough moments, then fake it until you make it, unless there is a real underlying reason for your stress. Talking to someone always helps, just like how you are here finding help. It shows that you care deeply. Keep your chin up, something wonderful will turn up!


Jbear - October 24

I was really stressed out during my second pregnancy, to the point that half my hair turned gray, but it didn't seem to affect the baby.


Kimberley - October 24

OMG...I just came here because I was feeling so stressed out too..... I was getting worried that all this stress is not good for my unborn child. I am a stressy kind of person, I also suffer from anxiety/panic attacks, and worry about things that may never happen. At 22 weeks I am finding myself heaps emotional, crying at every little thing.....This is my 4th child, and I never felt this way with any of the other 3.....although my last was 12 years ago. I am 36, and I am also worried about my baby being healthy due to my age, plus a medication I am on, for medical reasons......which I can not stop taking even though I am pregnant. Plus, I have a 12 week old grandson...his parents are both 18 (the father is my son) My sons girlfriend doesn't seem to be coping well, so I worry about my grandson, and I have him twice a week, even through the nights...... I have also had the worst morning sickness...throwing up 6 times a day..... I feel as if I am going crazy :( My family all live 800 kilometres away so I have no-one to confide in.....So this is my outlet. I am hoping to feel a bit better now I have blurted this all out. Anyways, just letting you all know that whoever is stressing you are not alone.



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