Stressed Beyond Belief

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Michelle - August 10

Since i found out that i am pregnant i have been really emotional and stressed. It has been causing my boyfriend and i to argue like crazy. I can not keep the baby because there is no way i would be able to support it. I am having an abortion and i believe that it is the right thing for me right now... me being only 17 and all. I would just like to ask you ladies if you have any advice on how to just try and relax and to pamper myself because i feel as if that is what i am missing out on the most and i dont like being stressed... any advice? Please... and THANK YOU


oh oh - August 10

ohh, honey you just opened a can of worms...


a - August 10

do you really think you should be pampered?


Hi Michele - August 10

I commend you for making the best decision for your situation. I know that the decision you have made was probably a very difficult one for you. I hope you will have some one there for you after the abortion. That is probably when you will need the most support and pampering. Because money is tight for me right now, I usually have to settle for a bubble bath and some candles for relaxation. Don't forget the tunes! All the best, Cara


Amy - August 10

honestly i think the only reason everyone here is so negative is because of the word abortion... That is HER choice... if she can not support the baby then maybe its right for her... if you have your opinions on abortion dont put them down on her... keep them to yourself or go hold up a sign at a clinic. Michelle... hun, just try and relax, stress these days is a lot harder then some people realise, if you need someone to talk to... try to get a couselor or if you can tell your boyfriend how you may feel and try to talk everything out with him. If you can not do that then i would def. suggest a counselor. If an abortion is what you feel is right then that is your desision... try not to listen to everyone here because some of them are so negative that what they say will hurt... from experience... i would sit here and cry over the things they said.... then i got a counselor... As for a lil more calmer advice, take long hot showers, get a ma__sage, spend some time to yourself just thinking about everything, if you want too... excersize can help too... it will get your mind off things for a lil while and in the long run you will feel alil better about yourself rather then putting yourself throu so much depression... hope this helps - AMY <3


Michelle - August 10

Thank you very much Cara... money is tight for me too... i appreciate it greatly


GF - August 10

you know what else is stressful for those of us who have ttc forever! To hear about women who put themselves in situations like this. Honey, next time use protection. If you are only 17 and don't want a kid, then don't have s_x or slip a glove on your man. You too could take the pill. Good luck with a choice that I know must have been difficult.


G - August 11

Protection doesn't always work. I've lost count of how many times I've seen a thread on here saying "Pregnant and on the pill." Sometimes these things can't be avoided, and although I'm against abortion for myself, I could never judge anyone else for making such a difficult decision. Michelle, I can't offer any better advice than Cara's. I hope you won't have any regrets. All the best.


To Michelle - August 11

You are right, given your age, relationship stability, and maturity an abortion is the right thing for you at this time. I'm sure once this is behind you the stress will eleviate itself. One life lesson that you will eventually learn (took me until 30, and then some) was that when we put ourself in a stressful situation, pampering ourselves isn't the remedy; Its only a temporary crutch. And quite honestly if pampering yourself, instead of facing the situation, is your first course of action, people around us are less likely to support us when we need it the most. I agree its easier to say, "This sucks, and I deserve a pedicure!" but it really doesn't change anything for more than a few minutes. Best wishes to you!


kris - August 11

I was also young, not 17 but young and not married. I found myself being pregnant. I was not using protection, I know it was stupid of me. My best friend at the time and a few of her friends all told me that I should have the baby. Because either way my bf would leave me and this way I would have someone else in my life. I was only with my bf for 2 months at the time I found out. I did not have a job, was staying with friends. I had finished college, but still was not stable in anything in life. My bf and I decided to have the abortion. I must say it was the best decision in my life. Yes it would have been nice to have a little baby. But I know all the work that goes into them and how much money they cost and I just wasn't able to give that at the time. My bf was so supportive of me. The physical, emotional, and psychological pain that I went through was enough for me at the time, although it would have been 100 times worse if I had the baby. My bf and I ended up staying together and now have been married for 3 years and are trying to get pregnant. We are both emotionally and financially stable as is our relationship. As for being pampered and relaxed. You just have to believe that what you are doing is the right thing for you at this time and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If you don't believe it, no amount of bubble baths will make you feel any better. Be strong and know that you aren't alone.


Stephanie - August 11

Sorry honey, but I don't believe anyone should feel bad for you! You laid in that bed, you should make it. You should have never opened your legs if you weren't responsible enough to take care of a baby. You should have crossed them. At least give the baby a chance and give it up for adoption. Don't make that baby suffer because of your irresponsibility! Grow up... You thought you were grown up enough to have s_x then grow up and take care of what you and your boyfriend have done. There are people that can help you. Your local clinic can give you great advice and help you with your situation. I hope the best for you!


Dayi - August 11

Michelle you make me sick go to at least give it a chance for adoption. and honey if you are not ready for a baby don't have s_x.and for those who said that even using protection she can get pregnant well then don't have s_x. is not fear for this little life that is growing insight of you for some one like you after having 15 minutes of s_x and pleasure taking aways his or her life.i am 18 and mom always though me that everything in life has consecuences and having s_x the consecuences are you can get pregnant and eventhoug some of use birth control some of us are not ready yet like me like i said i'm only 18 yes i am happily married i go to colloge and also work i am preparing my life so when me and my husband get pregnant we could offer something to our child but if something happend and i were to get pregnant i were to keep this baby because me and my husband now the consecuences of having s_x,yesterday when i whent home i show this picture to my husband and he freak out to i don't know if i did the right thing posting this but the reason i did it is because i will like people to get more inform specialy those teenegers girls.please don't have s_x if you are not ready. this is something i posted 1 week ago if you have any doubts go and readed is posted as i'm crying


sue - August 11

Please don't kill your baby.There are so many woman that want children.At least carry the child and let someone else raise it.



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