Stretch Mark Blues

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rachel - April 14

I am SOOOO depressed!! I have discovered stretch marks on my br___ts, my legs, my arse, everywhere!!! I havent felt the baby move, so its just stretch marks and fat to remind me that I am pregnant. I am 17 weeks. Its horrible and I am falling deeper and deeper into depression. AHHHHHH. I have only gained 6 pounds, but I was overweight some to begin with. now, its just relocating to other places on my body. i am so worried my husband is soon to find me very unattractive, as I do. Yes, I use the creams religiously and it didnt work.


M.C - April 14

Look my belly was really small 1st time i got pregnant and i too used the creams and my mother doesn't have 1 and my belly is covered but i still lost all of my weight,and when u have that baby it will not be near as important to u how your stretch marks look,they are war scars.i know that sounds like a crock i am really self concious about mine but my husband kisses and loves on my belly and tells me everyday how good i look when i think there's no way he would think i'm attractive.i hope your husband is supportive,thers really nothing you can do,but good luck and congratulations,and oh yeah it's worse when u see friends or other girls with kids in bikinis and u have to wear a whole piece,believe me i understand!


sarita - April 15

My doctor joked with my first pregnancy that I was drawing an inner-city road map on my belly. NOT FUNNY. I cried over that one for a while. But guess only gets better! Not only have I had an apron of fat from my c-sec for 6 years...but the stretch marks have remained...and now with this son, i have a lovely carpet of dark hair and a black line running down my belly. LOL...Being a mom is hard! Luckily, along with wanting to be a Wiggle and a professional squirrel feeder, my daughter (age 6) also wants to be a plastic surgeon. Maybe she can fix me up one (anyone's kid planning on being a laser hair removal pro? lemme know..j/k)


crystal - April 15

Rachel dont worry about that. Thats nothing. Dont be depressed over that. Their r worst things that can happen to u. In all the things in the world that can happen to u and your baby(and i pray to god that u and your baby have a happy healthy life) stretch marks should not cause u to be depressed. I got stretch marks, i'm not happy they r there, but what am i going to do. I can never wear belly shirts and bikini's again, but thats the sacrifice i made for my child it's not big deal. Before i was pregnant i was 5'7 124 pounds and by the end of my pregnancy i was 161pounds. That's 37 pounds i gained so my skin stretched alot. I loss all the weight but i still have the stretch maeks.I know people as skinny as a stick with 5 kids and not 1 stretch mark. Every woman is diff. and dont worry about your husband if he loves u then he loves your stretch marks too. My husband love to seek me without my clothes on stretch marks and all. and if he didn't thats his problem he's not the one that had his body going though this huge change. and i know it's hard to get deal with the fact that your body doesn't look the same.It took me a long time too, but i love my body and this is how i'm going to look for the rest of my life, so i had to just get over the fact that now i have stretch marks.


Foxy - April 15

I got stretch marks when I was a teenager just because I was growing too fast. I know they look awful now but they will eventually fade to a point when you hardly notice them. You won't be left horribly disfigured and I'm sure you're husband won't find you unattractive if he loves you.


Maleficent - April 15

each of my babies has left their own trail of streach marks. seriously, they fade away and are hardly noticable. your best bet is to ditch the lotions and start using sun screen. the new skin that is exposed will pick up sun very easily so slather it on!


Sonya - April 15

I know how you feel. When I was pregnant with my first I was secretly proud that i had no stretchmarks. My sisterlaw asked me one day ( a couple of weeks before due date) if I had any stretchmarks. I proudly answered NO!!! She then said have youl looked under your belly b___ton ( I was expeccting them to be more visible.) Boy was I surprised to find a whole family of stretchmarks on my lower abdomen. I was mortified. Unfortunately, you are just gonna have to accept them and realize that it doesn't really matter once you have that beautiful baby in your arms.



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