Stretch Mark Prevention

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Laura G. - October 20

Does anyone out there know a good cream that works good on stretch marks? This is my first pregnancy and there's so many of them out on the market. I have no idea which one works the best. Any suggestions?


To Laura - October 20

No amount of cream in the world will prevent stretch marks since they are hereditary and form under your skin. A good moisturizer will help topically with the itching, but stretch marks are created in the layer of skin under that top layer you slather cream on, the elasticity breaks down in that deeper layer, which creates the marks, and no cream will reach it. Some people swear by creams, and think they prevent stretch marks, but in reality they were never meant to get them. There are numerous medical articles about this. If you read the ones supported by the makers of creams, of course they will promote the "miracle" of their products. Just get a good, unscented, natural cream for comfort and don't expect to be perfect after pregnancy. You can also ask you mother or female relatives on your father's side if they had any. Choose the side that you took after in skin tone. My mom has white, pinky skin and she has huge stretch marks. My dad has olive skin and mine is exactly like his and my aunt's. My aunt had 4 kids and no stretch marks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


rl - October 20

I tend to agree with the last post due to I do not know anyone that got away with not getting stretch marks due to some cream but I also use palmers cocoa b___ter and this is my 3rd and I do not have bad stretch marks at all I have a few at the very bottom of my tummy some on my b___bs and theighs but they are from really my first pregnancy and have faded to were you really can not see them...good luck to you


To Laura - October 21

The amount and size of stretch marks will depend on your skin.


pbj - October 21

I agree, you can try to put on stretch mark cream but it really does depend on genetics. I put stretch mark cream on everyday, I still got stretch marks all over my belly and my hips. I also have friends who never used a darn thing and didn't get a single mark, so I think it is hereditary.


N - October 21

I think it has a lot to do with how much you gain and how quickly you gain it. I have a lot of stretch marks on my b___t and outer hips from growing quickly during puberty. I am now 36wks, 4 days pregnant and don't have a single stretch mark on my stomach. I have gained my weight slowly and am now at 22 pounds.


..... - October 21

drink lots of water to help your skin


Lisa - October 21

I'm the same as N. I have stretch marks on my behind from a growth spurt when I was younger. So far I am 20 weeks and do not have nay. I keep my skin hydrated though as well with cocoa and shea b___ter and drink lots fo water. I really believe that you needs of water for your skin and to keep it moisturized. Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles and such so I am not taking any chances.



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