Stretch Mark Prevention

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mama2be - December 17

I know doctors say you can't really prevent stretch marks, but I was wondering if anyone has tried anything they feel really has helped? I'm using the Palmers stuff right now, but have you used anything else? Sorry if this sounds like a vain question hehe.


ra - December 17

im using shea b___ter, and my stomach stays moist and soft all day. i apply it twice a day. im almost 35 weeks and no marks on my stomach. I did get them on my b___st before i bought the cream, but the cream has made them really light.


water water water - December 17

also keep up with the water.


M.F - December 17

As for myself I use pure vitamain E and palmers cream to be honest I have not noticed any marks on me im on my 35 week .I started using it early in my pregnancy even thow I did'nt start showing until about my 5 or 6 month


Lynne - December 20

Palmers Cream and baby oil after every shower.


Joanne - December 20

Slow and steady weight gain should help


Shawna - December 21

When I was pregnant with my son, I went from 118lbs to 164 and I didn't have one stretch mark. Several times a day I would rub vitamin E cream all over and once I stated getting really big I had my husband do it, especially on the areas most likely to get marks, like the tummy, bum, b___bs and thighs! Good luck!


jg - December 21

I used Palmers and Loreal stretch mark prevention creams twice a day from week 4. Didn't get a mark until week 35 then WHAM covered from one side of my belly to the other. My doctor said you can try to use creams to soften your skin but you cannot stop them if your skin is inclined that way. However some lucky devils get away with out a single mark!! Unfair.


Rans - December 30

Use bug & pickles belly cream - available's the best!!!


Katie - December 30

some people swear it's genetics. My stepmom used Palmers her entire pregnancy but kept missing one spot towards her back and that is the ONLY place she got stretch marks. So according to her the lotion works... I also heard steady weight gain and keeping really hydrated.


sye - January 4

i've tried just about everything and i still itch...



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