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April - November 12

has anyone used a product/procedur that got rid of their stretch marks?


Jessica - November 12

I haven't gotten any stretch marks yet. (knock on wood) but I heard cocoa b___ter works really well. I think it's called Palmer cocoa b___ter. I used to use it for dry skin but it also works to lighten scars. It only costs about $3.99 so you should give it a try.


Amanda N - November 12

A friend of mine used that everyday after she got preg and never had a single stretch mark! I definitely recommend it. I am using it now as well so we will see what happens!!


Christine - November 12

I used it as well...didnt use it everyday I dont think...but I have lots of stretch marks...doesnt work for all.


Michelle - November 12

I use palmers 2-3 times a day and still have tons! I dont think you can avoid them...the palmers does help to fade them though.


m - November 12

I'm not sure you can necessarily "get rid of" stretch marks without lasers. However, I think you can help to prevent "some". I believe genetics plays the biggest role, however, you have nothing to lose by trying it, whether it's to get rid of the, or to prevent them! My mother got tons of them, so I figured I probably would. I used that Palmer's and I didn't get any in the places I used it. good luck


Dez - November 12

I used palmars coca b___ter ma__sage cream, stretchmark oil, the stick, vit E, everyday of my pregnancy about 3-4 times a day, and still have a stomach full of stretch marks. I have said it before and I'll say it again, if you gonna get them, you gonna get them and there is no way around it. How can anyone say that they didnt get stretch marks from using the cream, they dont know that if they didnt use the cream, that they would of still walk away stretch mark free. take it from someone who used it and its obvious it didnt work. I am sure I'm not the only one that can say that either. Good luck with your pregnancy, and I would definatly try to find something else.


m - November 12

Dez, why so huffy? I don't believe anyone ever specifically said they didn't get stretch marks FROM using the cream, I believe myself and one or 2 more said we didn't get any AND we used the cream! Re-read please. And no, of course we don't know that we wouldn't have been mark free anyway, but my goodness, do you know that you wouldn't have gotten MORE if you hadn't use it? No! So, chill out, we are just all trying to put in our own experiences!! And by the way, I used it with my first pregnancy on my stomach only, and ended up with a few on my hips. With my second pregnancy 5 years later, I used it all over my midsection and didn't even add one mark to myself. Maybe the cream helped, maybe it didn't. But if I want to believe the cream helped, then by God I guess I'll believe it. Bottom line, you have your experience, we have ours, and who the hell are you to try and rain on our parade! If your hormones are running wild today, please come back tomorrow! -- I guess I could tell April what you did and say "take it from someone who used it and its obvious it DID work." But I'm not going to say that because that is imposing my OPINION on others and basically saying anything but what I say is untrue. That's hogwash! ----- And April, we'll never know for sure if it actually does work (unless you want to use it on the right half of your stomach only, and then compare... lol), but you know what, it can't hurt anything. If nothing else, at least it will keep your skin moisturized. No moisture = itchy skin. good luck!


Christine - November 12



lora - November 12

no kiddin dez, chill out! it worked for me, it didn't work 4 u, so what, that's the difference in people!! what's the harm in trying it anyway?? none!


Dez - November 12

Um m, take a look Amanda said her friend used it everyday and never had a single stretch mark, so maybe you should read again. and I put my own experience and am huffy about it, so what that is my experience with it. so are you saying that unless it worked for me or that i believe it worked, not to post. wasnt trying to rain on anyones parade, but Im not gonna lie. I think you should worry about the her question and quit worrying about my response or experience. Im sure she would would probably like to know if someone out there used it everyday (me) and still ended up with them.


Dez - November 12

and lora, yea so what if it worked for you and didnt work for me, does that mean I shouldnt post because It didnt work for me, the whole reason for a person to ask a question is to get different opinions, and i mearly stated mine.


Amanda N - November 12 this became interesting. I said she used it everyday and never had a stretch mark yes but I didn't state that her using that is what caused her not to have one. I am saying hey "it seemed" to have worked for her so I am using it now too!! Didn't mean for my statement to cause such a problem.


1st time mama - November 12

I've used the cocoa b___ter every since i found out that i was pregnate(i found out around 2 months). The cocoa b___ter didnt work at all.But i heard that a cream called 'Mederma' that is to reduce the apperance ALOT. I havent tried yet,but i plan on using it after i have the baby. Or another option is to go to a dermatologist.


dez - November 12

amanda, it was nothing towards you, iwas just defending myself, because they were jumping on me 4 stating my opinion.


KM - November 12

I used Palmers cocoa b___ter too, and I just started to get strecth marks in my 38th week.There is no proof that the creams work, but they do certainly help in hydrating your skin which is usually dry and itchy during pregnancy, so that MAY offer some prevention.but it has been said that strecth marks are partly genetic, so if you're gonna get them, you're gonna get them. But seriously laser surgery is sometimes affordable, and if it is done on fresh (not 30 yr old) stretch marks you only need a couple treatments, It is completely painless, and if you are that concious about your body, worth it.Also keep in mind that stretch marks fade considerably (but dont dissappear) over time.


m - November 12

Dez, nobody was jumping on you for stating your opinion, GOOD GRIEF!! What the hell is wrong with you, grouch? I posted what I did because you insulted OUR opinions. State yours all you want, that is certainly EVERYONE'S right. For you to think anyone even so much as IMPLIED that you shouldn't posts really proves how grouchy you are, that's just ridiculous. That's a LOT to read into things! You weren't the only one who used the stuff and still got stretch marks... did you see ALL of the posts. If I wanted to "jump" for stating opinions, don't you think I would have "jumped" on everyone? Point taken? And as Amanda herself said, and as I said, we stated that we (or someone we know) used it AND didn't get stretch marks..... not that we didn't get stretch marks BECAUSE we used it. How many different ways do you want me to say it? Goodness Dez, I know you are about to pop and you are miserable (as stated in other threads), but don't take it out on us! And my original post was the product of "worrying about the question"... hows about you take your own advice and respond to the post WITHOUT any backhanded underlying insults you gave to the people who didn't have the same experience/opinion as you. Kindof hypocritical for you to tell me to quit worrying about other posts, when you are the one who started the insults because YOU didn't like that we had a different opinion than you. You are the first (and ONLY by the way) person to have responded to other posts while responding to the question itself. So look in the mirror before condemning us for doing something you do. If your experience was bad, just say so without telling the poster to "take it from you". A little narcissistic, don't you think? Seriously, why don't you try reading it all... again. Then look at your post and realize it was sortof an attack on some of us. Hell yeah I'm gonna defend myself when insulted... it's called human nature! and nobody ever told you not to post, Mrs. Defensive!! Just be a little nicer about it.



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