Stretch Marks Cream

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nonk - May 18

Hi I'm 32 wks and this is my first pregnancy. I started to get these red streth marks on my lower abdomen about 2 wks ago. I am just wondering if there is any good cream that might reducing the appearance of strecth marks. I heard about palmer, barmon and mustella but never really tried it, any thoughts?


Fabienne - May 18

I tried Palmer for a few weeks but developped a rash because of it....I stopped using it and the rash is gone ! Don't know about the other creams...


Stephanie - May 18

You can try Coco B___ter and Vitamin E.


M.C - May 18

there is a cream called mother's friend,actually it's an oil it's good and i pour tons of baby oil while i'm in the shower good luck


To Nonk - May 18

there is no cream out there that will take away streach marks.streach narks are part of being a mother, you just got to live with them...good luck


Kaz - May 18

Apparently there aren't any creams out there. I was suggested on another thread a while ago that drinking plenty of milk will help. I really don't know. It's a genetic thing I've heard.


teresa - May 19

ive used every kind of lotion possible.. Ive only gained 10.5 lbs at 24 weeks and i have them on my tummy BAD already.... very very noticeable and they itch me to death.. I haven't found anything to work, and ive bought everything i know of.. GOOD LUCK tho


LaLa - May 19

I dont think there is any miracle cream out there. I tried an expensive one w/ my 1st pregnancy and it was fine but my last month of preg. they just appreared all over :(. I think just as long as your skin is not dry it will help, use any lotion that you like and keep your skin moisturized. My mom had 5 children and does not have 1 stretchmark, it all depends on your skin type. Good luck and LOVE that belly :O).


Maleficent - May 19

if you already have them skip the creams and get the strongest sunblock you can find. it's too late to get rid of them but keeping them out of the sun will make them not get any darker. i get them everytime and as long as i use sunblock you cant even tell they are there after the baby coems.



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