Stretch Marks On My Legs I Feel So Ugly

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K - August 11

I've gained a few stretch marks on my belly, which doesn't bother me, because most pregnant women get them and it's perfectly natural, but this week I've started to develop them on my legs! I'm so distressed by this. They go all the way down my inner thighs and look disgusting. I'm going to be very embarrased in the delivery room now, because I really don't want strangers looking at me. Has anyone else got them in weird places or is it just me?


B - August 11

I noticed last week that I have them on my b___t! I dont have any on my belly yet thankfully and hopefully they all just stay right there on my backside!


soleil - August 11

Girlll I got them all over my b___t, thighs and it goes down to my calves AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Rachel - August 11

I'm 35 weeks and have them on my b___t and one on my inner thigh. It sucks!!!


Jen - August 11

I have little ones on my calves I hope they don't get worse.


jena - August 11

i'm only 23 weeks but i'm using lotions to TRY and prevent (I know, it's really genetic!) and my friends have said, "put lotion on your inner thighs!" so obviously it was a problem for you - they have seen EVERYTHING in the delivery room, so don't worry about that!! :)


K - August 11

Thanks ladies. I feel better knowing it's not just me.


Kris - August 11

haha..I have stretchmarks on my thighs and stuff just from puberty! I have always been really skinny and stuff so people don't understand why I am embara__sed to wear a bathing suit..I always have to wear shorts over my bikini bottoms. I even have a couple stretch marks on the back of my calves =( I think I am going to get them lazer removed or something.


teigan - August 11

ive got stretch marks every where and my story i tell people is i was attacked by a shark whilst doing my surfing compat_tion, ( complete bxxxocks) but hey lol.. im not been funny though but when your in labour youve got more impotant things to worry about the docs looking at, like a gigantic bucket that used to be my very pet_te v____a!!!! HELP ME..... LOL


Kel - August 11

I just found some on my a__s!! Mine aren't deep they just look like little red swirley lines. I thought strech marks are deep. Is this how they start out????? and then get deep:( Just curious because i've never had one in my life and am hoping I wont start to get them on my belly.



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