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Laura - April 28

I am a new mom to be and I am going crazy trying to find a good stroller. What's everyone's opinion on the travel system stollers verse getting a car seat and a stroller? Which one should I do? Thanks


Amy - April 28

I got a car seat that hooks into the stroller. It is wonderful. Its so conveinient when we are going shopping or traveling. Its a Graco, I think. But I love it. Good luck


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - April 28

I HIGHLY recommend a travel system. It allows you to move the baby from car to shopping cart/ stroller without waking the little one up. This is such an important thing (to me anyways) when the baby is a newborn, until about 5 months. What do you do with a newborn when you're grocery shopping? My son hated (and my daughter loved) my baby sling, so to me, the travel system was a life saver. I have the Evenflo DiscoveryTravel System, but it's from 2002 (when I had my 1st baby), so it may be discontinued now. My only complaint is that the stroller doesn't recline all the way to a lay down position, and it doesn't sit up at a 90 degree angle, which both of my kids prefer when they are riding in the stroller.


Jenn... - April 29

I also chose the travel system. I have heard many people complain that they seem to bulky - and some of them do. I got one of the Graco Lite Rider Systems, the stroller is only like 17 pounds and I can easily lift and fit it in my trunk. You can see what many people think by looking at either or both have customer reviews and ratings of their products.


PP - April 29

I did not like the travel systems because I thought they were too big and bulky. I got a Zooper Waltz and it accomadates car seats. I like it because its light, compact and has a full recline. Also the fabric is great!


Char - April 29

I recently worked at sears in the baby department as well as a baby specialty store where we had to undergo days of training from reps from companies such as peg, graco, etc. As to tiffani~edd's answer about the strollers reclining and sitting striaght up, it will be very difficult to find a stroller these days that will do so because of safety restrictions. They will always be slightly elevated when completely let down. I do agree with going with a travel system. They are the most convenient when going from car to stroller with a snap and not disturbing the baby. As a personal preference, I really like the Graco strollers with the larger rubber wheels, or if you want to spend a little more money, a peg perego stroller with larger rubber wheels. The rubber wheels make a smoother ride and much easier to steer out of rough surfaces. When you are looking for a stroller and car seat combo, make sure that you get something that can be wiped down, or can be removed off the actual stroller and thrown into the laundry. As the other posts state, they are a little more bulky but you will really like how easy they are especially when the baby is fussy, and how close to your arms level it brings the baby without having to bend over.


BBK - April 29

Well, as a daddy to be I feel compelled to mention another daddy-type "designer" euro-stroller that hit the market here in NY, and it's called the Stokke Xplory and it not only reclines, but the seat can be elevated quite a bit high.... it's definately an interesting stoller as the baby sits as high as a small child, but the price is really steep at $750-$800. Not sure if it takes car seats, but at that price it better do your laundry too.


~S~ - April 29

I too bought a travel system. Mines the Evenflo Discovery Travel System. They are very bulky but I thought it was very convienient to transport baby from car to stroller without waking the little one up. It also makes it easier on me. Another thing I like about it the fact that the carseat when attached to the stroller, faces you. I can keep an eye out on my little angel. Another thing I thought about was, I paid $200 (cdn) for the travel system, if I were to buy them seperatly, good carseats around here go for no less than $80-100 and strollers go for no less than $150'ish. So in the end, I saved money. I like the look of mine anyways, and I'm very pleased with it. Although, I still have to take it out of the box and make sure it fits in my car.


Laura - April 29

Thanks for your help. It's nice to hear what works and what doesen't before buying something.



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