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JeffsAngel - May 23

I haven't been having my period for about 7 months now, but my husband wants to ttc. I mean i really feel pregnant even though I am to the point I don't think I am plus I haven't had a period in so long. But anyway how do i get my period back to try to ttc?? My doctor wasn't even helpful went into a i don't ovulate since I am so young speech.....and that my period is here but I am not ovulating which sounds like c__p to me. Anyway any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You All


Jbear - May 24

I think you should find a different doctor. There are many things that can cause irregular periods, and you should have a doctor examine you to see if there's a physical cause. I don't think your age could be a reason you're not ovulating, if you've had periods before.


Misty - May 24

This is really none of my business so you can tell me so if you want. But how young are you, you say you are married so you wouldn't be that young would you? Anywho. If you haven't had a period in 7 months but you have had them before then I agree with Jbear 100%, you need to get a new doctor. It seems odd to me to go that long with out a period. You need to talk to a doctor that can help you figure this out. You would probably need to take some kind of drug or medication to help regulate your cycles and get you to ovulate. It is strange. Perhaps you aren't ovulating and that is why you aren't getting perionds, is that what your doctor is saying? Even if that is the case though there should be something for you to do about it that your doctor should be discussing with you. If he isn't doing this (and apparently he isn't) then you need a new doctor. GL


JeffsAngel - May 24

I am 18 years old and have had a period regularly since I was 11, Up until November.


Misty - May 24

Your doctor is an absolute idiot to tell you that you aren't ovulating because you are too young when you are 18 years old. That makes no sense at all. You really really really need to get a new doctor. Find one as soon as possible, like on your next day off, and set an appointment ASAP to talk with him or her. Are you sure you aren't pregnant? Strange things like that do happen sometimes where the person just doesn't get that much bigger so they figure they aren't pregnant. You really need to talk to a doctor about this.


JeffsAngel - May 26

I know there is the possibility that I am pregnant, but i would think I could like feel the baby when i push on my stomach... I mean it is a little harder now and I have gained inches without gaining a ton of weight so I could be. My husband got upset to me cause i cried twice within a week and he has only heard/seen me cry three times in a year. I don't know I could be but highly unlikely. I am now going to be under stress becuase I am relocating to somewhere I don't want to go, so if my af wants to come chances are it won't because I will be too stressed out.I am going to make an appointment to see a different doctor on won't be a kaisr ob/gyn, but the last one was and she was lacking in the intelligence department. I am going to see how far I get in family practice, or urgent care. I mean if I get upset I get reallly really bad cramps and I have had quite a few pregnancy tests, all urine, so I figure one would show something or something. I don't know what to think.... I am probably not going to see a doctor for two more weeks, but it could happen on monday depengin on if I am scheduled to work monday or not. But I will let you know if you wnat......


JeffsAngel - May 31

I am not pregnant and I just started AF. I am hoping that everything is normal when I go make my appointment with a new ob/gyn. I am going to get on medication to regulate ovulation hopefully. I don't want to go the birth control route because I am ttc, but I also don't want something that will harm my chances at becoming a surrogate mother. Thanks all for the advice and feedback. baby dust ot all who want it~~



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