Suggestions For A Gift For New Parents

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Jasmine - August 19

Hello, Beside clothes which are really fun to buy, what else would be a nice shower gift. I would like to buy clothes but they grow out of them so quickly. I was thinking of getting something more useful. What do you new parents like receiving. My friends didn't have a baby shower and I was just going to get them something. They just had a little girl. They probably have all the beginning necessities..thx


chelsey - August 19

Something for the mother.. those make great gifts! Like a manicure or pedicure gift certificate. Or for her favorite store for when she's ready to go shopping again!


Kellie - August 19

I think Moses Baskets make cool gifts, hardly anyone has one.


HDF - August 19

I would do a gift for mom and dad to have an evening out when they can. Maybe a gift certifitcate to their fav. restaurant. Chelsey had a good idea too manicure, pedicure or a ma__sage. Wow a ma__sage for mom would be nice...maybe I need to drop some hints that I want that for myself.


Stephanie - August 19

Hey! I know most of the moms on here really like pictures. Maybe get them a package deal at a local photography studio, or a disposable camera and sc___pbook kit or photoalbum. My sc___pbook was the best thing I got. I got it the day we came home from the hospital, so it had all of my pregnancy stuff in it (dh gave it to her to make the sc___pbook) and then it had some of the first photos of the baby and then the premade pages for me to just pictures in as she grows. It was so personal and I love it, I look at it everyday. It probably wont do any good to volunteer to babysit, most new parents dont like leaving baby for any period of time. If you are looking for something more practical to buy, all I can think of is maybe a bouncy seat, stroller, high chair, swing, etc. Something the baby will use and be able to grow into. OH YEAH, another gift I got once I had the baby, was someone paid to have my car detailed. It was so nice. I couldnt drive for 6 weeks due to c-section, so once I got to drive, it was really nice to be able to be in a clean car. Good luck!


Beth S - August 20

my aunt gave me a gift certificate to get my babys pictures taken and a nice photo album. i loved that idea


karine - August 20

The "picture" ideas is good. I think that you should give them a certificate to the restaurant,,,but also offer to babysite while they go out LOL foot/hand print set is also a good idea. diaper/ cant even have enough lol. educational movies for a little later. Calming cd's for the baby's nurserie.


kEEKEE - August 20

Pampers...Babies use so many diapers. A case of diapers would be a great gift. Believe me...You could never go wrong. You can put a theme to it. Buy lotions, powders, rash treatment, and diaper wipes. Good Luck!!!


Nichole - August 20

I think giving something useful would be really nice-something like a humidifier, a baby-food processor, bottle sterilizing kit, a bottle drying rack, or somthing personalized like a personalized name frame would be all be great gifts, I know I got almost nothing but clothes and things like these would have been useful to recieve~


katharine - August 20

Definitely gift certificates for restaurants/video store, especially restaurants that deliver! ( especially with a second child!)


E - August 20

Diapers, although not very fun to give, are a great gift. This is an item that parents stress out about most often. What a waste, literally. I am considering buying some cloth diapers from Baby Bee Hinds ( around 4 or 5) for my son to wear around the house, rather to waste diapers all day. Those could make a great gift as well. They are so adorable!!


Shelly - August 21

I just had my baby (boy) on august 9 and i'm b___stfeeding so if your friend is b___stfeeding one of the nicest gifts i got was a whole package deal of necesities like nipple cream,nursing pads,childrens mylicon,baby grooming set,pampering stuff for mommy from the body shop,pampers(i really really hate huggies and huggies wipes)and aveeno products including the lavender calming night lotion (me and my baby are addicted to that one) and i also really liked the giftset from playtex vent air bottle set and the diaper genie.Oh and i received a wiper warmer,first i thought ok;kind of unnecesary,would never buy it myself,but after my baby was trowing a fit every time i wiped him of i decided to use the warmer and he just looooves it,he just dont like a cold wipe on his behind.I'm very happy with it now.


Lovely - August 22

The best gift I got when my son was born, was hom-made frozen dinners frommy friends! When I was too exhausted to cook dinner, I would take my girlfriend's fabulous already-made lasagna out of the freezer, and put it in the oven. Voila! Dinner was served! We have made it a tradition in my circle of friends, that when a new baby comes, we skip the outfits and baby creams, and bring a weeks worth of dinners. Between all of us, there's food for a month! BEST GIFT!!!!!



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