Sunbeds While Ttc

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kat - February 7

im ttc and usually use sunbeds but havent done for a while as im worried that if i get pregnant before realising that i am it will cause the baby some damage,should i forget using them or carry on until i know i am for definate,i feel like my life is on hold since ttc,ive stopped drinking i over reacting? i just dont want to risk causing any damage if i do concieve!


JF - February 7

I wouldn't do anything to risk it you never know. I had a m/c back in Nov. and in Oct. before I knew I was pg. but was I went tanning for a week and I feel guilty now.


Laura - February 7

I used to tan when I was younger but stopped a couple of years ago when Mytic Tans (spray-on) became available. I have not gone to Mystic since ttc but I did ask around and was told that you should not use a tanning bed while pregnant. I was told, however, that Mystic Tans are okay but I plan to skip them for my pregnancy as a personal choice. I would probably ask my ob/gyn, too, since a Doctor would know best. Hope that this was helpful.


~m~ - February 8

When using tanning beds, the danger is not with the rays... they cannot penetrate more than the outer few layers of skin. The danger lies in the heat. If you overheat, it could cause irreparable damage to a fetus. As for tanning while ttc, a good idea might be to stop around ovulation, then wait to see if you start your period. If so, go back in until next ovulation, and stop again, etc. Tan during the time you know you haven't conceived, stop during the time conception is a possibility. Does that make sense? The heat has no "lasting" potential for harm. In other words, once your body cools off, that's that. So it's not like tanning the day of ovulation can harm anything even if you conceive that next day. Good luck!


kat - February 8

thanks for all of your replies,sorry to hear about m/c JF,i have tried spray tans in the past but wasnt to keen on them! i was going to stop using them but that makes sense what you are saying ~m~ so might just do that! good luck ladies! :o)


laura - February 13

Im almost 7 months pregnant and as soon as i have the baby i would like to start using sunbeds again.I am going to b___stfeed my baby,could the sunbed rays anyway effect the milk?


bump - February 14



Sara - February 24

You all need to research a little more - go to Health Physics Society ( there are MD answers to your concerns about tanning while pg on that website. There is even one to answer about b___stfeeding and tanning. It is good to be cautious and careful, but try to not believe everyone's advice on the Internet - like someone else said, ask your doctor if you are concerned. Good Luck to all!



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