Surprise Smoking Drinking During First Trimester

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surprisepreg - February 21

Hello all- I've done lots of research on this already, but would love to have some personal feedback from women who may have gone through this or know people who have. I just had the biggest shock of my life: I am 14 weeks along, and had NO idea I was pregnant (I was not trying to get pregnant). I smoked around 5 cigarettes a day, and drank between 4 and 5 drinks once to twice a week (I'm in college). Do you think this will have a huge affect on my baby? Mostly I'm concerned about the drinking...I have obviously stopped both nasty habits since finding out last week. I don't want to have ruined the possibility of having a healthy child. I don't want to give my child FAS because I drank during the first trimester before I knew. Any experience? Any help? I would appreciate anything you could tell me.


crackersforme - February 21

You never missed af?


surprisepreg - February 21

I have had irregular periods for two years--so going three months, or even six at one point, without a period was not out of the ordinary.


SaraH - February 21

There is a chance that something could have effected the baby but there is also a large chance that the baby is fine too. Make sure you see an OB ASAP, and tell them everything (they need to know and you wont be the first person to tell them this so don't feel bad telling them). They may want to keep a closer eye on things. Just try to eat healthy and avoid anything else that could be harmful to the baby. Doing your best to be a responsible parent from here on out is all you can do. You didn't know, so don't beat yourself up over it. Just do what you can from now on, and again make sure your doc knows all of the info. He/she should be able to talk to you about your concerns from a more educated and medical stand pt. I hope all is well. Good luck and congrats on the baby.



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