Surprising Mom And Dad With The Sex Of The Baby

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Ashley512 - January 31

A good friend of mine is having her 3rd child with her husband, but they wanted to do something a bit different this time. They already have a boy and a girl, so they're not head strong about wanting to know right away what the s_x of their 3rd (and last!) child is, so I'm planning a little party for them. I went with her to her sonogram today and the doctor wrote down for me what the s_x of the baby is without telling mom (it's a girl by the way!). So now I'm here trying to decide HOW to tell them! Their family and friends will be coming to this little party. Someone had the idea of me having a cake made where they cut in to the cake and it's either blue or pink inside, but I was wanting something To somehow make a game out of it for everyone to play. If anyone has any fun ideas I would really, really appreciate it!! :) I've been searching around online for hours and haven't been able to find anything! Thanks!


Ashley512 - January 31

Ok, let me start off with a couple ideas of my own... I was thinking some sort of scavenger hunt that everyone could play. OR Maybe make up several different games to where they never know if they'll find out at the end, or if there will be another game. For instance: A balloon game like you would see at the fair - they throw darts at the balloons, each ballon has a piece of paper in it - they get to the last balloon and think it will say 'boy' or 'girl' in there - but nope! Another blank piece of paper. So then there's a maize that I made. It will either end up at 'boy' or 'girl' at the end of the page, but nope! It's a dead end for both.....etc, etc. Finally the last game would tell them, whatever that might be. Just an idea to keep everyone at the edge of their seat - especially mom and dad! Stupid ideas? Sound fun? Any input or ideas? lol


oz - February 1

Oh im really not good at making up games but i think what your doing is excellent. I would love you to keep us posted on what you decide to do as it sounds fun. If i think of anything i will let you know. If all else fails i I think the cake idea is cool. Maybe make cupcakes and do some pink and some blue but make sure there is an odd number and the one with the most is the correct s_x (in this case pink)


LN030905 - February 1

That sounds so cute! Thats a really good idea! for something that would be so difficult to plan, you have alot of cute idea. I ,too, like the cake idea. The maze sounds like fun! I did see this thing on baby story one time where expecting parents had like 3 kids-all girls and the mom knew but the dad didnt know what they were having-a boy. So, they told everyone to wrap their boy gifts in pink so when they walked in he would automatically a__sume it was a girl. KInda sounds like alot of trouble, but it was cute...kinda cheesy..He was so surprised at the end. Come to think of it, I dont really know why he was there, but anyways. Good luck!



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