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AH - July 22

I am just wondering what everyone is eating for lunch. I mean, we are told not to eat deli meat, tuna and peanut butter on a daily basis is controversial. What are you guys eating for lunch because I am running out of ideas and getting pretty sick of salad.


Heidi - July 22

For lunch I have eaten and still do, deli mean, tuna and peanut b___ter. I buy lots of that packaged sandwich meat and it sits in my fridge for days on end and I still use it and never had problems. I ate a lot of tuna sandwiches too and was fine. I basically ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I'm 27 wks now and everything is going just fine! And I ate a lot of that stuff in my first trimester cus it was all I craved. I ate TONS of hot dogs too. Just had a turkey and bacon sub at Subway for lunch. Yum! And a can of Pepsi.


jb - July 22

Well, I was bad and had a healthy choice microwave meal. Its low fat but really high in sodium. I should have had salad. I still eat lunch meat sometimes. I think you can eat tuna out of the can. Why cant we eat peanut b___ter? I have never heard of that.


KrisD - July 22

Yup, along with Heidi, I eat a lot of Turkey and bacon sandwiches, extra mayo. My options are pretty limited. Sometimes a salad, sometimes soup. Sometimes leftovers, but am not much of a leftover person. Get the deli meat and have them toast it first... that should make you feel better.


Linds - July 22

The peanut b___ter thing isnt true because i use to work for childrens services and they give like 3 peanut b___ter jars a month to pregnant girls on wic. For lunch i eat whatever i feel like i ate a cup of ramen noodles and a blt today...hey if some girls can drink n have healthy babies..i'm not worried about bacon or anything like that... just grub on whatever u are hungry for:) looks like all of us do so far!


Julz - July 22

Just for the record, the peanut b___ter thing is true. I asked my doctor about it, and she said that at this point they aren't telling anybody NOT to eat peanuts or peanut b___ter, HOWEVER there are increasingly more studies evidencing a direct link between the consumption of peanut b___ter by pregnant women and peanut allergies in the children.


leslie - July 22

I had mexican food today, I made myself some fried tacos with lettuce, lots of sour cream, cheese, and homade hot sauce! It was bad I get full so fast now or else I would had eaten 2 more!!! and a bottle water..I love water!


Linds - July 22

Oh well in that case...sorry i guess i was wrong and my baby will most likely have peanut alergies b/c i ate it straight from the jar everyday for about a week...sorry for giving out the wrong info...hopefully wic will change their grocery lists...thanks


for the record - July 22

Peanut allergies are only of concern to women who have history of asthma, or food allergies. That is what I have heard. But the whole topic has been beaten like a dead horse. I say, eat and be merry!!!


monica - July 22

I went to IKEA today for lunch and had the spinach quiche and a salad...then shared some meatb___s and a chocolate mouse for dessert.


s - July 22

i eat whatever i want in moderation. noone has ever told me not to eat deli meats, peanut b___ter or tuna. i don't like fish anyway, so therefore i don't eat tuna. i eat what i like at lunch so my choices are never limited



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