Sweating Like A Pig

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melting - October 10

sorry if this is kinda of gross, but i'm dying over here. i live in south florida, where its always hot and humid to begin with. well, lately i have been non stop sweating, especially in the below the belt region. i'm 25 weeks, and i must take 2-3 showers a day...i'm also wearing cotton under wear...i don't know what else to do (or if there even is anything) if any one has a suggestion on how to keep cooler, help, please!! :) i can't wait for that week in december when the weather turns cooler, until then...I'M MELTING..........


if push comes to shove - October 10

go lay in water sleep during the day if you can and be up at night if you can add a little salt to your diet . or humourously intened >go to time square and lock yourself in a block of ice. people will cheer you on .


ally - October 10

Invest in a fan or airconditioner....... take cool baths, pools, beach, try take it easy during the day. I was lucky i had my baby end of may but i was still kinda big in march and april when it still could be quite warm here, australia....... funny how ur body temp is warmer when pregnant. well not really funny. All the best


melting - October 10

thanks, i guess i'm just doomed to be miserable for a little longer until the weather changes. it's only 3:00 and i'm already on my second shower of the day...but oh well, at least i'll be squeaky clean!! :)


Same here - October 10

I live in Louisiana where it is also humid and hot. The only relief I have is taking one of my husbands clean socks and laying it under my b___st and another one between my belt region and stomach. Thats the only thing I've found to help. I've tried powder and it just turns to a discusting paste.


W - October 10

Carry an ice pack around. They stay cold for hours and can be very refreshing when applied to the forehead, neck, etc....


melting - October 12

i too have felt the disgusting powder paste... yuck



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