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Leahp - February 17

Hello. I was wondering if anyone has rented the monitors advertised on this web site, and if they were reliable and enjoyable? Thanks


monica - February 17

yes, I rented one two weeks ago...its the best thing in the world to hear your baby's heart beat whenever you want. It is my peace of mind.


Leahp - February 18

Hi Monica, did you have trouble finding the heartbeat?? I ordered one yesterday and I just hope to not have trouble, or I'll freak myself out!! Also, how far along are you?


monica - February 18

I was 14 weeks when I rented it. It took me over 5 minutes to find it but I took my time and finally found it. Make sure you put enough of the gel and move very slowly. I heard the heartbeat way below my belly b___ton. I am 16 weeks now. How far along are you.... by the way my doctor told me not to freak out if I cant find it... sometimes the baby is positioned where you will not be able to hear the heart beat.


Leahp - February 21

Hi monica, I'm 10 weeks as of tomorrow, but I ordered the one that detects a heartbeat up to eight weeks! Thanks for the advice, I probably would of gotten it and tried it out for two minutes and then would of freaked out because I couldn't find the heartbeat. Do you have it down to an art now, or does it still take time everytime you want to hear it??


monica - February 22

Hi I have it down now. I went for my prenatal appt. on Friday and I actually told the doctor where to look for it. She was surprised.Where you able to hear the baby's heartbeat yet?


Leahp - February 22

It should be waiting at my doorstep today when I get home from work, I can't wait!!! I'll let you know tomorrow how it went!!! Thanks for your help!


Leahp - February 23

Hi monica, I was upset last night, I didn't have any luck finding a heartbeat and I tried forever!! My husband even tried. This whole thing has just caused me stress!! I wasn't sure if it's too early, I just turned 10wks. yesterday, but the description of the doppler said I could try as early as 8wks. My next doctors appt. is next week, but I was just sooo anxious to hear it!! But I thought the directions weren't as thourough as they should of been, I found on the website that you're not suppose to move the doppler around but place it in different places, hmmm! wish I would of known that last night!


monica - February 23

Hi Leah Sorry to hear that. I was 10 weeks when the doctor could not find it. The doctor told me that only 60% of woman will be able to hear the heartbeat at that point. When I went to my 14 week appointment the Nurse looked for over 10 minutes and still could not find it.... (these are poeple who are experienced) so as you can imagine how stress out I was. I had to be sent to an ultrasound to make sure there was a heartbeat. Thank God there was... at that point that is when I rented the doppler. My instructions where to move slowly and put a lot of gel.... and still I might not be able to hear the heartbeat because of where the baby is positioned. Doesnt help the fact that I have a lot of belly fat either. So I found it where the doctor never looked.... and that was right at my pubic bone. Then just last week at 16 weeks the nurse could not find it again and I told her I rented a doppler and now I know exactly where to find it. And we found it...... I know this is so stressful.... and the doctor did not like the idea of me having a doppler because she told me there will be a day I wont find it and I will stress out and all it is, is that the baby is positioned the wrong way. For me it has been an extemely stressed out 16 weeks. When they could not find the heartbeat at 10 weeks they sent me for an ultrasound but they discovered that the baby's fluid behind the neck measurement was too high and that put me at high risk for Down Syndrome. So I had to have blood work done and a NT scan done....those test came back good but now I always fear something wrong will happen. Now I am waiting for my AFP results and also stressing out. Please dont stress out..... stress is so bad for you it actually made me really sick. You will see at the end everything will be fine.


Leahp - February 23

Oh gee! Monica, I'm sorry to hear about the down syndrome risk, but everything should be alright?? What are your AFP results? Your not a high risk age group are you? It sounds like it's been a very stressful time for you. I'm trying not to stress, I called the hotline and got a good response via e-mail from them, it is probably still too early, but gee!! I sure wouldn't of put myself through this if I would of known those statistics! I'll have you in my thoughts and prayers!


monica - February 23

Hi Well the nt scan along with the blood test put me at 1:4300 for down sydrome and 1:10,000 for trisomy18. So this put me at low risk. I will not get my afp results until next week. When is your doctors appointment? Do you have any pregnancy symptoms? By the way I am 33 years old and delivery at 33 yrs old. But its getting up there where they might consider me high risk.


Leahp - February 24

Hi Monica, well that's good to hear! 33 isn't that high risk I have a cousin who's 34 and a friend that's 35 and both their doctors considered them still under the high risk factor! Oh! have I been having symptoms, I think I'm finally getting over my evening sickness so that's a plus, but my b___bs keep getting worse, I can barely touch them!! eeek! I think I'm starting to get a belly, but it still looks like it could bloating, but the jeans are getting tighter! Yea! so my husband told all the women at work that we got a monitor and they're sitting there saying they would never do that to themselves, so I was a little upset that he had to go around and tell everyone how much of a worry-wart I am. So I told him last night that maybe it's best that I just send it back, really after all the statistics you told me, I might be better off. But the hubby insisted that we keep it around and that it was fun!! Oh!! yea! I about freaked myself out! But my doctors appt. is next Wed. March 2nd, so I don't have to much longer to wait! I'm not looking forward to all the blood work! Do you know how much they collect? Well, I'll talk to ya soon!


monica - February 24

are these your first blood work? my first blood they took around 6 tubes. So did you decide to return the monitor? I have a 4 year old son and he is really into this pregnancy so it was fun to have him hear the baby's heartbeat. March 2 is just around the corner.... let me know how it went.


Leahp - March 2

Hey Monica! The docs appt. went great, he found the heartbeat right away!!! and his doppler wasn't very different from the one I rented, so I'm going to have to give it another whirl, now that I know where to listen! Boy, did they take a lot of blood, do they call you and let you know the results or send some kind of letter, I would like to see my how my iron looks and things like that, everyone has been telling me I look awfully pail and it's beginning to worry me! How is your pregnancy coming along? That's great that your 4 yr. old is so excited, kids are great!!! Well, let me know how you're doing!!


Leahp - March 3

hey monica, are you around??


monica - March 3

Hi Leah Yes I am around. My AFP results came back negative so I am happy about that.You might look pale because of the pregnancy symptoms. The doctors office called me to tell me that all the blood test I took came back normal. Only my sugar was high and I had to do a 1 hour glucose test, which I didnt pa__s so I had to do the 3 hour glucose test and that was awful. But thankfully I pa__sed that one. I will have to take another in my third trimester. Glad you were able to hear the heartbeat, have you tried at home yet? My pregnancy symptoms are gone now all I have to go on is the heartbeat and I have recently started to feel little flutter movements in my stomach. On March 18 I have my 21 week ultrasound to check for any anomalies and if the baby cooperates to see the gender. Monica


momof3 - March 3

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=87169&item=4362592323&rd=1 I hope that works!! If not go to ebay they have them for 114.00 us dollars new!



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