Sweeteners How Harmful I Pigged Out On Sucralose

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Christy - October 12

Help. I ate waaaaaaaaaayyyy to many sugar free taffies made with Malt_tol and Sucralose. Then I had horrible gas and bloating pain. I feel like an idiot and now I'm worrying about the baby. It's like I couldn't stop with the candy!


DS - October 12

I'm sure from that one time you are OK, but I would not eat too much artificial sweetner for the rest of your pg, b/c its definately not good for you or the baby. If your craving something sweet....I'd go for regular sugar products (in moderation). I switched from diet soda to regular soda now that I'm pg b/c its the lesser of two evil's.....if you know what I'm saying.


Thanks DS - October 12

I'm just so afraid that the ingestion of so much sweetner (like 8 toffees) did harm because it caused me so much pain and gas.


sweet tooth - October 12

sucralose is Splenda. It is not harmful, and is much better than sugar. I don't know what Malt_tol is?!


Haha! - October 12

Are you kidding me? Your acting like you smoked crack or something! I'm sure the baby is okay, jeez people!


just a thought..... - October 12

I'm sure your baby is fine, but no artificial sweetner is great to consume (and that includes splenda)....neither is sugar, but if you want something sweet.....i'd go for whatever you eat in moderation. To sweet tooth- All artificial sweetners are chemicals and they are not good for you. Yes people on the atkins are told to use splenda, but its really not good for you. Its not as bad as aspartame, but still not good. Its too new, and there have not been any long term studies on the effects of splenda.


sweet tooth - October 12

Splenda is made from sugar. I admit it is not good for you, but it is no more harmful than sugar. I don't know anything about atkins, but when I was pregnant the nutritionist at my OBGYN suggested it instead of sugar when I wanted something sweet.


lynnstress - October 12

It's the malt_tol that made you bloat - and probably sit on the toilet all day. I call it and other such sweeteners "poop ingredients." You'll be able to find all sorts of evidence about Splenda - that it's the most wonderful news in a non-sugar sweetener in decades, and that it's white death. I use Splenda almost daily; not tons of it, though. My dr. said it was fine, the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" says it's fine. A company called Estee makes diabetic food products using fructose, which is a granular sweetener made from fruit sugar. I've used it in baking, and it's wonderful. They also make cookies and candy bars that are great tasting. I can't find their stuff in stores around me anymore, but I know they are on the internet. I'll probably have to order stuff!


Christy - October 12

I know it's not like smoking crack, but look what happened to people who used Saccharin in the 70's and then got cancer. And so many companies are not only including Splenda in their sugar free ingredients, but other sweeteners; it's all so confusing. They say that Cyclamate causes cancer and Sodium Cyclamate is what Twin is made of and a lot of people use that in baking (???) I've used Twin for years now.


k - October 12

Just 8 toffees? Don't worry! If you're uncomfortable with something or you think it may be harmful, just avoid it in the future. It's scary to read about everything that may or may not be harmful to your baby, but moderation is the key. Babies are more resilient than you think. You are obviously doing your best if you are that concerned, so you will probably have a perfectly healthy baby.


Christy - October 12

I guess I have been a little paranoid. This is my first. Thanks all, for your thoughts :)



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