Swore I Was Pregnant

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Chrissy - October 5

I recently stopped the pill(about a month and a half ago) had two extremely light periods(1day) and have been moody and retaining water. I took my first test ever(I'm 29) and it was negative. I tried again 3 days after this last one day period. I felt cramoing in my side like i was ovulationg 2 days ago and had unprotected s_x yesterdya. Do I have a chance? Could the test have been wrong?


Kate - October 5

There's another thread on here called "PEE ON A STICK". Take a look at that, it should help.


to chrissy - October 5

I don't know if kate realizes you wrote that you already took a test. The same thing or close to it happened to me and I was pregnant. You should maybe wait a bit and take another test and/or go to your doctor to be sure. good luck;)


jenn - October 5

I hope someone can give advice to chrissy. i am in the same boat


Mica - October 5

Going off the pill can mess you up for as much as a year! It can make you have pregnancy-type symptoms and feelings.


Anon - October 6

Why don't you go and see your doctor? It'd probably be the most effective way to find out if you could be pregnant.


Sadey - October 6

I have had two light AF for the last two months. I'm due my AF on the 8/10, so if iget them again i don't what goin on! I had terrible c___ping on my left side last night and keep getting up in the early hours to go to the loo. Any1 else that can answer our q's, please


K - October 6

Sadey - go to the doctors. We're not medical professionals on this forum, so we're not equipped to answer medical questions! If you think you may be pregnant, take a test. But the best thing to do would be to make a doctors appointment and have your problem investigated xx


Sadey - October 6

k, i know that u are a not a medical professional but i thought this was a forum for these types of questions! I have taken many test aswell but didn't get that deatil in my post!!!!! so thanks for the useless response


K - October 6

Sadey; I wasn't being confrontational. I was suggesting that this sounds like a medical problem that would be best discussed with your doctor. FYI, copied from the terms and conditions of this forum: "If you have questions or concerns regarding your physical or mental health or the health of your baby, please seek a__sistance from a qualified healthcare provider." Again, this is not confrontational - I just don't want to see someone receive bad advice which, if there is something wrong, could potentially cause more problems.


Sadey - October 6

k, sorry just sometimes i don;'t know whether i am talking to someone that is being funny or not. Well i made an Appt for my smear for next week so i will get it checked out then. Sorry didn't mean to get at u, just get people out their that are using this site as a joke.


K - October 6

Sadey, no worries, I can completely understand why you'd be on edge! I've received some really nasty replies out of the blue, for no apparent reason. Hope everything goes ok at your appt xxx



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