Symptom Lacking Pregnancy

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liz - October 7

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I just don't feel anything happening. My son is five months old and needless to say I was surprised to discover I was pregnant again...especially so soon. I guess technically I am only four weeks from conception and everyone tells me I'm thinking to much and that every pregnancy is different...but I just don't feel like I did with my first pregnancy. By this time with my last one I had every symptom in the book and then some. Right know I feel very tired and a bit dizzy at times but that's about it. Should I be worried or am I just acting like a nut?


tiffani~25 days to go!! - October 7

Relax. You have nothing to worry about this early in the game. Every pregnancy is different, and soon enough you'll be well aware that you're body is working hard to create another little one. I'm on my 3rd pregnancy, and this one by far was the easiest. No morning sickness, very little nausea, and very few other symptoms. :o)


liz - October 7

Thanks for responding I've been freaking out. Maybe I should stay off the internet for a while since It only scares the heck out of me.


karine - October 7

LOL iam 8 weeks pregnant and the most i have is some backache LOL nothing else. my Dr,. said i was a lucky BUT healthy one LOL But with my other 2 kids i had everything, with my son i had such bad nausea that i coudnt even take my prenatal vits. LOL i coudnt even eat i would even throw-up water LOL...and we planned this pregnancy, but i was afraid of the symptoms. BUT i still dont have any..iam so happy !!!!! lol ENJOY!!


keekee - October 7

Honey, every pregnancy is different. Consider yourself lucky. You could be one of those lucky women who don't have morning sickness. Just wait until 8 weeks you may pregnant. Its still early.....Congrats, now your little guy will have a brother or sister to grow up with. Take care Liz!!!


liz - October 7

Not just siblings.. freakin irish twins man! My next child is due two weeks before my first sons birthday....I hope I'm ready for this!


Helly - October 11

So glad I found this section - I'm 7 weeks with my third child. I have 2 girls aged 9 and 5 and I had such bad morning sickness with both of them which started in the afternoon and went on all through the evening from 4-5 weeks to 15-16 weeks. I then had 2 miscarriages (with which I didn't have any major symptoms). With this pregnancy, I have a bit of backache and am feeling tired but have no other symptoms. I was started to worry that things were going to go wrong again. This has rea__sured me a bit!! Thanks everyone!


liz - October 11

Hi Helly- looks like we are in the same boat with the lack of symptoms. I wrote this ? last week. Since then I have aquired a few new minor symptoms but nothing major... I still dont even beleive I am pregnant.


Helly - October 11

Liz - when is your baby due? I haven't done a test yet but am sure I am pregnant! - You just get to know your body and although I don't have the same symptoms, something is going on! Fingers crossed for each other I reckon!


Shel - October 11

Don't be worried. I was in the same boat - a boy that is 16 months and newly pregnant. I too felt dizzy and tired but that was it. i called my doc and he asked me to come in for an ultrasound just to check. At 6 weeks on the dot they heard the heart beat which is an awesome sign. If you feel better doing that, I would highly recommend calling your doc and getting an ultrasound for piece of mind. At about 6 1/2 to 7 weeks I was in full b__wn morning sickness so it's right around the corner for you. Again, don't worry! This is completely normal.


liz - October 11

Yes, definately fingers crossed. I really feel like everything is goin to be fine. I'm just so surprised that I don't have more symptoms. Not every women has morning sickness but I had it with my baby so I figured it was normal for me. I think part of me just can't beleive I got pregnant already, and I'm wondering if my body is really able to take this one just 5 months after mt sons birth.


Liz - October 11

Thanks shel


Liz - October 11

My baby looks to be due June 2nd


helly - October 12

How bizarre Liz - if my test is positive when I go to the Docs tomorrrow, my date will be June 2nd!!


Miff - October 12

I am 6weeks 3days and have few symptoms so far. Boobs are a little bigger, and I've had lots of headaches. It's easy to psyche yourself out but unless you have something to suggest otherwise, you ARE pregnant!


Helly - October 12

I'll find out for definite tomorrow - have held off taking a test because the two I carried I found out at under 5 weeks and the two I lost, I found out early. I think that the later I confirm, the less time I have to wait for my 12 week scan to make sure everything is OK. Going to ask the Doc tomorrow if he can send me for a scan - just for peace of mind!


liz - October 12

Yeah that is weird we have the same due date. Hopefully everything will be fine when you go to the doctors. I've decided not to have an ultrasound early. I geuss I just feel like if I'm going to lose this one there isn't anything I can do about it having an ultrasound won't make this pregnancy stick. Even if I do get confirmation that everything is okay right now that doesn't mean it will all be fine tommarrow.. If everything is supposed to be fine then it will be. Ofcourse I am hoping for the best...and I cross my fingers for you.



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